Why Your Las Vegas Business Should Stop Your PPC & Yellow Book Listings

With so many ways to spend money nowadays, you need to be cautious where you are putting your advertising money. Things are not always as they seem. Spending thousands of dollars per year is what many Las Vegas businesses are doing… Unfortunately. We have talked with so many businesses over these past 10 years and we have found some of the same trends with these businesses.

Over 50% of the businesses we have talked with use forms of PPC or old school print advertising or directory listings that are paid like the Yellow Books e.t.c. Before the online world was so big, things like getting your business in the Yellow Pages was huge, that is how customers found you! But now in 2017 things have drastically changed and new things have come about.

We highly recommend that you put your money with online advertising and get away from the expensive and paid directory and print advertising websites. Many businesses have realized this and are migrating towards better ways. Unfortunately, many businesses are putting money into online marketing hoping for high results but not getting them.

The other mistake that we see a lot of businesses doing is that of PPC advertising. While Pay Per Click advertising does have it’s positive sides for niche businesses it really should not be relied upon as a stable advertising tool. It is 100x more powerful to naturally gain top search engine rankings on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We highly recommend that you put your money towards SEO marketing but only with a capable company.

The hard thing about SEO is that many businesses in Las Vegas seem to offer it but from our experience, there are few “experts” What we recommend is finding a company like LasVegasWebDesignCo that has been specializing in search engine optimization services for over a decade AND that has a lot of successful clients at the top of Google! Don’t work with ANY marketing company until you see proof of some of their advertising work. This is one of our recommendations.

Since we are local and have many top ranked businesses we are here to help your local business succeed online and have positive online marketing results. Give us a call anytime at 702-347-1873 to learn more about our high-quality internet marketing and website design services.