Why Your Las Vegas Business Needs Mobile Responsive Website Design

In our opinion there is not a number one reason why it’s imperative to have a mobile responsive website. There are so many reasons it’s hard to pick the top number one reason why of mobile responsive website is a must. So let’s go over a few of these different reasons why Las Vegas web design co.com recommends mobile responsive website design.

Website Viewers Should Have A Pleasant Experience

One of the first main reasons to have a mobile responsive website is to ensure that your viewers are having a pleasant viewing experience. If they get to a website that is not mobile optimized and not mobile friendly, it will be hard to view on a tiny screen such as an iPhone. Having a mobile responsive website is basically future proofing your website. Not only from the customer perspective but also from the search engine perspective. There is no reason to optimize your website to the top if you are future or potential customer then leaves your website because they are not having a good experience. Making sure that your viewers have a good viewing experience is absolutely mandatory.

A Good Website Viewer Experience Includes:

  • Quick Load Time
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy Shopping Cart Checkout Process
  • Relevant And Informative Content
  • User Friendly Layout (UI & UX Design)
  • Large Images With Informative Product Information

Website Should Be Given A Five Star Rating

It surprises us when we read studies that show that many of the large online retailers only got a 50% rating. Out of a five star rating many of these large online retailers only received around two to three stars. The different type of information that they were looking at in this study was things like the website load time, the format of the website and the ease of navigation, the social media integration and more.

Website Load Time Should Be Under Three Seconds

Whether you have a large corporate website and are well known throughout the United States or if you only have a small local Las Vegas business,  it is imperative that your website is mobile responsive. Another vital element is that your website has a load time of under three seconds. This is something that Las Vegas Web Design Co has specialized in since 2007. We create WordPress specific mobile responsive websites that are extremely user friendly.


To some all of this up we want to say the following. Gone are the days that you need a specific website for specific desktop or mobile phone. You do not need to have a website that is iPad specific, android specific etc. you only need one website that converts and adapts to all mobile and desktop screens. No matter the width and the height of the screens your website will adapt easily. This is what responsive website design is all about and this is what we have been offering since 2007.