Why We Recommend Using HTTPS With Your URL

Many companies fail to realize why having HTTPS instead of HTTP alone is an important factor for search engine optimization. Google announced that by having the S in the URL it can make a huge impact in the search engine rankings. This basically means that your website is secure, implementing this easy addition into your website is an expensive and easy thing to do.

Why HTTP And HTTPS Are Different

These 2 different URL setups are completely different. By default your website will be using the HTTP but you can easily upgrade to HTTPS instead. So why has Google announced that having the S in the URL is a important factor? Why does this small addition play an important role with search engine optimization? Should you be doing this for your Las Vegas company?

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Let us answer a few of these different questions to help you understand the differences. It’s incredibly important that all of the viewers and visitors on your website will have a secure encryption. HTTP basically stands for hypertext transfer protocol. What this does is actually transmits and receives the information across the entire Internet. By using the HTTP it will not keep any website sessions and any sort of memory saved, so in the end there will be an increase in speed. Generally speaking, the businesses and the websites that are using the HTTP will not store and save any information.

Why We Recommend HTTPS

The HTTPS on the other hand stands for secure hypertext transfer protocol. While having the HTTP alone is necessary adding the S which stands for secure allows for secure and safe transactions to be made on the Internet. Whenever you are selling products online, like e-commerce website businesses for example, you need to have your website secured so that no information can be stolen. It’s important to make sure that credit card information is secure when purchasing items online. When you are selling products online it is important to make sure that you have a SSL certificate which not only protects your website but also your customers valuable information.

Concluding Decisions

While having HTTPS is not mandatory, it is beneficial for e-commerce businesses trying to secure their customers information as well as improving website rankings. Even if you are not selling products online and accepting payments through your website portal you can still implement HTTPS in order to further optimize your website to the top of Google.