Why We Choose To Use WordPress For Our Las Vegas Clients

Over the years our company Las Vegas Web Design Co has been asked hundreds of times why we use WordPress? Isn’t the current site I have good enough for my business? Why exactly do you recommend that our company switches over to WordPress? These are really good questions and we are here to answer these questions and give our 10 years of advice to you for free.

There are some commonly asked questions that we receive on a monthly basis and we want to go over these frequently asked questions about WordPress so that you have a better idea why you should be using it for your own business.

The most common mistake is thinking that WordPress is just for blogging and blogging alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the years WordPress has developed into one of the most user-friendly and versatile systems that can be used.

No, of course, it is true that you can easily create a simple blog or a blog website with WordPress but it is incredibly flexible and can handle just about any task. As a matter of fact, WordPress now powers about 33% of all websites that are on the Internet. It is more popular than any other website development platform that can be purchased.

There are many reasons why WordPress is the number one platform to build any website whether it’s for blogging, e-commerce, or a website for your Las Vegas-based business. A fun fact to think about is the following: did you know that Facebook, time magazine, LinkedIn, and eBay all use the WordPress platform? It is that incredibly powerful and robust that even the major companies in the United States are using WordPress to power their business.

WordPress is an open source software which means anyone can download and install it on to their server. We recommend using a hosting provider such as getflywheel.com which allows you to host websites very easily. Besides hosting the website all you really need to do is purchase a domain name that will go along with your website. WordPress is so powerful because it is free to use and has thousands of customizations that can be made to it.

On top of being free and it user-friendly there are also over 3000 different WordPress themes that can be used and over 40,000 and plug-ins that can be installed on the website. A theme can also have many different demo sites that can be installed so on top of the 3000 and if you include all the demo versions that are included in each theme, we could easily be around 15,000 different looks and feels that a WordPress website could have, and that is before any customizations are even being made.

Since WordPress is open source which means it’s basically available for the community at absolutely no charge, it is one reason why it powers so many websites online.

WordPress has a learning curve but once you figure it out it really is not that complicated. This is one reason why WordPress is used by millions of people throughout the world. It is used to power just about any website. 100% of the websites we develop for the Las Vegas-based businesses that we work with are developed with WordPress and for many good reasons.

As a matter of fact, some businesses develop WordPress websites and they’re not even web designers or coders of any kind. That’s another reason why many individuals are using WordPress because they do not have coding knowledge but you can still develop beautiful websites that are mobile responsive and user-friendly.

As we mentioned before WordPress has many different themes that can easily be installed on the WordPress platform. For example, if you are selling e-commerce products there are thousands of different e-commerce themes that can be installed to WordPress. If you are a local website design company and need an agency based website theme there are thousands of agency type of themes that can be installed.

On top of the many different themes that are available, there are many different plug-ins it can also be used to help power the WordPress platform.

As we mentioned earlier, WordPress is used by many different websites and it is not just for the fact that you can develop a beautiful website easily. WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly platforms that you can use. Assuming you are marketing your business online, which millions of businesses are, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your website is Google friendly so that it can rank high in the search engines.

Las Vegas Web Design Co offers complete website development services and search engine optimization services for businesses in Las Vegas Nevada.

If you are using a service like getflywheel.com, it allows you to easily manage your website and make sure everything stays up to date easily. While WordPress websites can get hacked into fairly easily, there are many different ways to protect your website. WordPress actually is a very safe and secure platform that can be used for businesses in the United States and throughout the world.

We mentioned earlier that WordPress is used to develop e-commerce websites, blogging sites, service-based company websites and it can also support images, video, calendars, contact forms etc. any type of function that you want your website to have, can be done using the WordPress platform.

Here are some of the common ways businesses are using WordPress for their website. There are blogging based WordPress websites, gallery websites such as photography sites, website review websites, video marketing sites, e-commerce websites, service-based websites and more.

We highly recommend using a company that uses WordPress to develop websites for their clients. We use WordPress for our Las Vegas clients because it not only offers a great way to build a website but also allows us to fully optimize it to the top of the search engines. On top of having a beautiful website and optimized website, we can also make the website mobile responsive and user-friendly. By having a mobile responsive website using WordPress, it will allow your customers to easily view your pages and learn more about your company whether they are on a personal computer or mobile phone.

WordPress is what Las Vegas Web Design Co chooses to use and we highly recommend this open source platform for your business.