Why Go For Responsive Web Design From A Las Vegas SEO Company

The online market keeps getting more competitive and only innovative businesses are able to survive. If you are still relying on marketing strategies from 2 years ago, then you are likely to lose a lot of business to your competitors. If your business is in Las Vegas, it becomes even more important to use the latest marketing techniques to stay ahead of the pack.

Building online visibility is one sure way of building your brand in the city. However, it goes beyond a beautiful looking website to fully leverage the growing online market. Google says millions of websites are indexed daily but unfortunately, only 52% meet their revenue generation goals.

Leveraging Responsive Web Design (RWD)

To avoid this pitfall, you need to invest in a high-performance responsive website. This is an innovative tool to stay ahead in your niche. Responsive website design entails building a website that can be viewed on any internet device.

Responsive website design makes it possible to adjust the layout to fit on any screen, whether a user is on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop. All navigation elements, text, images, audio/video players, screen-layouts and other UI elements can easily adjust to fit any screen.

To appreciate the importance of going for RW, consider an eMarketer Study that estimates close to 3 billion people will be using smartphones by 2018.

The numbers on internet usage point to a trend where more shopping is going mobile. A KCPB internet trend study shows that 87% of millennials are always accompanied by their phones everywhere they go.

A 2015 Cisco study shows that mobile traffic in that period alone grew by 74% and this is information that should concern every online marketer. In the same year, Pew Research centre reported that 68% of all American adults owned a smartphone and 45% had a tablet.

From 2015, Google started rewarding responsive websites based on the fact that more people are on mobiles and they require a better user experience. From these numbers, it is apparent that your business in Lass Vegas requires a responsive website in order to tap into these growing numbers of internet users.

How Responsive Website Works for your Business

If you are planning to launch an online marketing campaign for your local company, it is important to hire a Las Vegas SEO Company for responsive website design. You might have a good looking website but ultimately, there are more advantages of responsive web design. Take a look at some of these.

  1. Increased Visibility

Your brand has to increase its visibility on all internet platforms in order to stay ahead of the competition. Responsive web design enables you to tap into emerging audiences using tablets and other mobile internet devices.  Internet users on these devices enjoy a seamless experience without having to be redirected to your mobile website. If you are looking to optimize your online content, responsive web design is the way to go as more internet users are expected to be on mobile.

  1. Better User Experience

You might have killer content on your website but if you are not presenting it in the best format, your target audience will miss it. Internet users are now on smaller devices and they expect to be able to access your content on any screen. Responsive web design provides an optimal user experience on whichever device visitors are using. There is no need to resize your website and users love this experience.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

The dream of every marketer is to convert. You might have the best looking website in your niche but if you have no sales to show, you are walking on thin ice. Most likely, you are experiencing high bounce rates which would indicate users are experiencing hurdles when browsing. With a seamless browsing experience ona responsive website, it is easier to convert and meet your company’s goals.

  1. Leveraging Analytics and Reporting

Traditionally, businesses have been forced to build different websites for desktop users and mobile internet users. This makes it hard to get user insights from these multiple websites. With a single responsive website, you don’t have to waste resources tracking user journeys, sales funnels, conversion paths and redirections between your websites. It is now possible to leverage Google analytics and find a more comprehensive report for easier monitoring and analysis.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Running a business in Las Vegas is costly and as such, you need to minimize costs in order to boost your bottom-line. Business owners have previously been forced to use different websites to target internet users on different platforms and this is costly. With a single responsive website, you are able to reduce maintenance costs and save on multiple marketing campaigns.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google boasts 67% ownership of internet search. As such, any search engine optimization (SEO) trends coming from the search engine have to be keenly observed. This is one reason why your Las Vegas website firm should build a responsive website. Google refers to RWD as the industry’s best practice and it is obvious that this is now a search ranking factor.

Responsive websites have one URL and same HTML on all internet devices and this makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index their pages. With one website, it is easier for your content to be shared without any changes to its quality. If a mobile user shares content and another user views the same content on a desktop, there are no changes and this creates a better user experience.

A responsive website is also easier to manage, saves time and money in maintenance, enhances users’ offline browsing experience and the content is highly flexible on any screen. This web design also enables you to avoid duplicate content and lower bounce rates. Your website developer should have the resources and expertise to build a fully responsive website in order to help you capitalize on the growing mobile internet user numbers.