Why Customers Are Such A Valuable Asset

The world of search engine optimization has dramatically changed over the past several years. Google in particular has completely changed their search algorithm and it has affected thousands of businesses across the United States. It is Google’s job to find the companies that are doing high-quality SEO work and it is their job to get rid of the suspicious low-quality spammers. You are probably wondering how SEO marketing is related to your customers?

Word Of Mouth 

We hear from businesses all the time in Las Vegas that receive more word-of-mouth sales than they do through SEO marketing. Many businesses have been around for many years and they have so many past customers that their word-of-mouth that their customers naturally do for them bring in more sales than their marketing budgets. We also hear from many other companies that they typically receive 2 to 3 large accounts per month from their customers and around the same number through their online marketing techniques. This tells us that your past customers could be bringing in as much as 50% of your new business sales on a month-to-month basis.

Social Media 

This can be done through various forms but some of the main ways that customers share their experiences are through social media networks, blog networks, forms and comments etc. on top of this word-of-mouth business naturally increases when you have done a great job for a customer. The customer will then tell their friends and family members about your company naturally. As you probably are aware when you are ranked at the top of Google you can flood your website with relevant traffic which will also turn into sales. The very best step is to go about it this way; When you receive sales online that come through your SEO marketing techniques make sure you are also offering your customers incentives and discounts when they share and talk about your services to their friends and family.

A few of the different ways that your customers can share their experience about your company are through some of the following networks; Some of the social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are fantastic ways. If your customers truly love your service or products they will naturally want to share what your company did for them on all of these social networks. This is extremely valuable not only for your future sales but also for Google to see.

Google My Business 

One of the very best ways and one of the very best techniques of online reviews come through the Google my business section. When you see a business ranked at the top of Google and they are also listed in the Google three pack listing and you notice they have 25 or more fantastic reviews this is a fantastic trust signal. If you see three different companies that are ranked in the Google three pack listing and one of them has more than 25 trusted online and the other companies have zero or terrible reviews it is obviously an easy decision for you to know who to go with. If you have been in business for many years and have many customers it is easy to send your past customers an email and encourage them to leave a positive review on Facebook, Twitter, Google my business etc.

Not only can you bring in new customers through this form of advertising but you can also bring your previous customers back to your business again. If you can get return visitors and return sales on a regular basis this can really jump up your business tremendously. We highly recommend doing all you can to contact all of your existing and previous customers and encourage them to do these things.

Online Reviews

In addition to having all of these really good online reviews about your business, this can also dramatically increase your search engine rankings. So not only can positive reviews help you get new sales by offering future customers that trust factor that we talked about earlier, it can also help increase your website rankings. Google has said that positive online reviews are one of their ranking signals with their new search algorithm.


You can also sign up for one of the online review platforms, for example, Yelp. This is a fantastic way for your customers to share reviews and insights on your products and services. We highly recommend that you continue growing your Las Vegas business by SEO marketing techniques but also focus on your existing customers and past customers. By focusing on your customer satisfaction you will not only receive more word-of-mouth sales but also will increase your positive online reviews which will help with your search engine rankings.

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