What Does The Future of Web Design Look Like? Find Out the Top Trends That Will Rule 2017!

Trends keep on changing and evolving in all creative fields, and website designing is no exception. Emerging out of intensive experimentation and constant innovations, trends are revolutionary factors that drive changes and push the industry forward to a better future. Web design and development is a unique domain, which is constantly evolving. Numerous significant changes have taken place over the past five years, and the same can be expected in the future as well. Let us look at the top trends of today that will redefine tomorrow!

  • “Mobile first” is the new buzzword

As the phrase implies, designers must focus on building sites that can be accessed and browsed through mobile devices. Delivering the best view even on the smallest screen size is the key to taking a website efficiently to masses. Mobile first web design approach started a few years back, but now there is a dire need for even the older websites to revamp into mobile-friendly sites as the majority of users now use the internet on-the-go through their smartphones and tablets. Responsive designing is no more just an option. It has become mandatory for all website owners to consider at the first point.

  • Increased scope of rapid prototyping tools

Even though we do not count it as a website designing trend, rapid prototyping tools are crucial breakthroughs in this arena. They hit the design world just over a year ago and became the most useful tool for any UI or UX designer.

The latest prototyping tools from Webflow, UXpin, and InVision, among many others, let the developers quickly design and create low or high fidelity prototypes of the desired websites to understand the aesthetics and user-friendliness of the original one without writing even a single line of code. Many of the prototyping tools allow the designers to create various models at a time in the browser itself and launch the site directly from the tool to see the effectiveness.

This easy-to-use functionality offers a highly user-friendly experience to the designers and users alike to see how the finished product will look like and function. By suggesting changes and helping to save precious time and resources, developers can prevent future setbacks.

·         Design Frameworks and User Interface patterns

Responsive design and mobile-first approach along with the increasing acceptance of pre-design CMS based websites such as WordPress have created a noticeable impact. What we are going to see next are many unconventional UI and UX patterns emerging across the web, and many websites now function in a similar way by learning from one another to ensure optimum user experience.

We do not mean that all the sites now invariably look the same, but they follow almost a consistent UI/UX pattern which leads to making the web a more user-friendly place. With a high degree of online competition among brands across the industries, website owners cannot take much risk when it comes to user experience. Therefore, if the developers find tried and tested methods and principles, which contribute to user friendliness, they incorporate the same to make their sites perform better than others.

There are a lot of standard UI kits available nowadays for the Las Vegas Nevada website design specialists to adopt the industry best practices. These pre-styled kits will offer you access to tested and proven design functionalities for implementation.

This summarizes the need and goal of developing a unique underlying principle which allows the users to have a unified experience across all the platforms and devices. At the latest, experts consider mobile precepts as fundamental, and also voice, touch, mouse, and keyboard are all considered as class input methods.

·         Gorgeous Illustrations

Rich illustrations are the most versatile mediums to create a user-friendly mode of interaction with all class and category of users. Nowadays, it is not only meant to add more fun to a site, but talented illustrations are also used to deliver the brand message, instructions, or product descriptions to make them more engaging and understandable.

With the diversity of illustration styles, brands are now able to roll it out through their unique identity to be used in the header images, iconography, and in all sort of visual elements. You can find Dropbox as an ideal example of brand illustration. The illustrations consist of a handful of characters, which appeal to the users and get them fully engaged.

·         Changes in typography

Typography is not just to deliver text, but it now stands as a powerful visual medium to create a unique personality for a brand and evoke user emotions. You can see the screen resolutions of different devices have now become much sharper and clearer, and texts have become much easier to read. So, brands are looking to go beyond the borders to experiment with typography to deliver the most appealing elements on the screen.

What you may expect to see in 2017 and beyond is over-sized and bold typography with a full-screen view. Typography may break the conventional grid models to become more appealing, and many new kinds of hand-rendered typography, image layering, and dynamic text with parallax scrolling are much trending now.

  • Authenticity in Photography

Photography always remained the mainstay of web design. However, in the changing world, people expect more authenticity from the brands they trust. Users now have the capability to distinguish a stock or canned photo from a genuine one.

So, designers and brands that are trying to build a web presence should now think seriously about the use of graphics. It has become essential to hire professional photographers to get images and frame them in a proper way. It may take some more time before the cheesy stock photography may completely get out of the scene, but considering a higher degree of acceptance of the photo networking platforms, we can expect the scope of the stock photographs to disappear much quickly this year.

With all these changing trends, there are a lot of allied things happening in web designing for good reasons. Smart and creative thinkers across the globe are accepting and experimenting with these changes to come up with more user-friendly and exciting design concepts.

However, not all of these trends may be relevant and useful to you considering your particular niche. So, it may become essential to get the expert assistance of an experienced and up-to-date design service like https://lasvegaswebdesignco.com/ to get it done the best possible way. Keeping track of the latest trends will surely help you to keep yourself more in-line with the user expectations, and we can make it possible for you.