Top 10 Predications on Upcoming Changes in Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2017

Year 2016 was full of surprises when it comes to the changes experts needed to tackle to succeed in search engine optimization and digital marketing. The predication for 2017 also is the same in terms of digital marketing, which is an umbrella term covering a lot more than just SEO for businesses to survive and succeed online. From the presidency of Trump to Brexit, I think we have to discuss about almost everything under sun while talking about the possibility of digital marketing this year.

Change is not bad when it comes to digital marketing. In the modern world of influencer marketing, this change only brings in excitement and results through the online platform. As the marketing budgets of even the bigger companies continue to shrink, and brands become more pressured for better ROI, the industry undergoes a big shift with the insight teams on the forefront.

Anyway, in a true marketing scenario, we are always on the lookout for methods to stay ahead of the rally. In the largely changing digital world, making insightful strategies is the biggest challenge that needs to be overcome to succeed. If you need a bit of help in that matter, here are the top 10 predictions of digital marketing in light of the changes expected in year 2017. Having a fair understanding of the concepts and ideas discussed below will help the marketers to develop a solid digital marketing strategy to meet their goals.

  1. Authenticity may remain questionable

It is expected that the conventional celebrity endorsements may not be accepted for granted this year, and brands have to admit that fame may not naturally bring in influence. Say for example, do you believe Kim Kardashian is going to actually drive a Buick?

  1. Those who can build acceptable practices centering towards influence marketing win

The agencies which are already strategizing around influencer marketing by taking it as a core competency to build practices at a desirable scale will find success and growth by driving their own revenue.

  1. New age marketing technology will become accessible and will differentiate brands

With only limited resources available, the smaller brands may have to explore more efficient ways to reach to the more apt consumers by stealing the established competitors’ share. Small businesses will start seeking solutions, which reduce strain on human resource capitalization and can ensure the highest ROI on their marketing spend.

  1. Influencer marketing may integrate with the Martech stack

Increasing popularity for authentic influencer marketing has further created a higher demand for efficiency in marketing technologies. Marketers are desperately looking for ways to see a bigger landscape, and a rapid integration between the influencer marketing technologies and other parallel business systems are predicated. This will pave way to much broader Business intelligence (BI) systems coming into practice.

  1. Influencer marketing will also influence B2B

After all, the B2B buyers are also people, and marketers may take it into consideration that those purchasing decisions are also made on the basis of people’s thoughts and intuitions. As they also distrust the baseline brand message and do homework to make purchasing decisions, marketers need to be more vigilant in initiating B2B marketing.

  1. Brands will merge the space between online and offline

No doubt that the next generation influencers will gain the power to fill the gap and leverage the online influencers to initiate offline actions from the consumers. More product-specific influencer materials may come up as POS (point-of-sale) persuasion to the buyers at physical stores.

  1. Brands may give up creative control

Influencers cannot be expected to accept all the opportunities coming their way. They will maintain more authenticity in the content they share for the audience. Being selective, on one end, will help bring in more authenticity to the limited presence they make, but for the marketers, this task becomes more difficult when it comes to proper execution.

  1. Audience may become more valuable than influencers

The audience targeted through influencer marketing now demonstrates a natural application of this traditional marketing strategy to this new-age discipline, which is fast changing. However, marketers may have to move from choosing influencers that represent or resemble the characteristics of the targeted consumers. Instead, they may have to start building marketing campaigns centered around the influencer’s audience based on the performance data.

  1. Expect a timeout call by users on the most traditional social engagement methods

Rather than the superficial measures, the actual ROI may become more important when it comes to digital marketing. This means, rather than just traffic or lead generation, the actual revenue through the marketing and social engagements will be counted as success metrics. As most of the top brands lean towards influencer marketing, they may have to reconfirm whether it really affects their bottom line.

  1. Many micro influencers will surface

The niche-centric creators may get recognized as powerhouses of marketing channels. In 2017, even the conventional marketers will realize that actual influence is engaged audience and authentic interactions, and not just massive following as you can find with the famous online writers, celebrated social media stars, and the traditional celebrities.

All in all, if someone asks for a one-liner success mantra for digital marketing for year 2017, it may be more or less like the one below.

“If you want to really succeed, forget about everything you have practiced diligently until now and do your best to put forward the 2017 digital strategy as to stop micromanaging.” “Instead, find ways to let the others tell your story authentically at a platform of faith and truth.”

The users are becoming more and more diligent online and digital marketers across the globe are also becoming more conscious and aware of changing consumer perception to bring up more relevant strategies. Another important thing to note while practicing digital marketing is that it is not a one-time task anymore. To always keep the upper hand and ensure consistent results, marketers and entrepreneurs need to work on various aspects of digital marketing routinely.