Tips And Tricks For Local SEO Link Building

There are so many SEO marketing techniques that can be employed with the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are also many negative ways to do back link building services and unfortunately there are far too many companies that implement these cheap back link services which will end up doing more harm than good.

Submission Based Links

Let us review a few of the different link link building techniques that you can use for your business. One of the most common link building strategies is all about the submission based links. There are different types of submissions that are available and let’s talk about a few of them. Online website directories are one of the most common ways to get back links. There are generic back links and business directory sites that you can submit your business to. There are also niche directory sites that you could submit your business website to as well. While some directories have become spam based directories there are many high quality directories that we recommend getting your business listed on.

Press Release Back Links

There are press release submissions which can build high quality back links. Basically, you write a press release which might include anywhere from 500 to 3000 words and the inside the press release content you insert a few links to your website.

Article Directory Back Links

Article directory websites can be beneficial and also harmful depending on the site itself. While some of the sites are of high quality there are also many low-quality article directories to stay away from. These and effect are like press release submissions in that you write an article and then insert your link into the post. We recommend with most content based sites that you link back to your homepage with a branded anchor text for your URL as the actual link. What we typically do with our search engine optimization package for our Las Vegas business is as follows.

High Quality Content

While we do have a list of 2500 submission websites we really focus and really strive to get high quality guest posting services done for your site. Having high quality guest post done for your website is one of the safest ways to rank in the search engines for the long run. Do not get caught in the trap of spending only a few hundred dollars per month with a local marketing company. If you are only spending a few hundred dollars per month chances are you are receiving very low-quality submission based websites.

Guest Post Back Links

It is far more important to do high quality back links like guest posting services rather than lower quality spam based submissions. For nearly a decade we have been writing high quality content and publishing that content on niche websites related to your industry. As we said before we then insert one or two back links typically a branded link that points back to your website.

Las Vegas web design Co really is one of the top search engine optimization companies in Las Vegas. We have researched many of the other search engine optimization companies and unfortunately many of them do not understand proper search engine optimization strategies.

Keep Track Of Website Traffic

One such way to see what type of links a website is created is to use a tool like a or These websites not only show the amount of traffic that a particular website is receiving on a month-to-month basis but also shows the amount of back links and the quality of back links that the website has.

Competitor Based Back Links

There are many companies that do competitor based back links. This is something that we also implement here at Las Vegas web design Co for a number of reasons. If you go to Google and type in something like Las Vegas web design posts you will see usually about 10 websites on page 1 of Google. Do not you think that those 10 websites that are at the top of Google have done good marketing and that is why Google place that website so high?

Besides the high quality guest posting services that we implement we also include and use many forms of competitor back links for many different reasons. Even though website that is a plan Google might not have all really good niche back links chances are they will have quite a few. Part of our process is to go through all of the back links put them all in an Excel file and go through the manually one at a time finding the most relevant best links that we can also place your website on.

Allow Us To Submit Only The Best Back Links For Your Website

We hope we made it clear that the search engine optimization back link building services that we include really are one of a kind and very high quality. We will get you new back links on a month-to-month basis and also fully optimize your website with keyword rich and city rich landing pages. We write high quality content and get this published on your website and blog as well. We have many websites ranked at the top of the search engines like Google and we had love to share some of the recent success stories that we have had. If you are interested in seeing the success that we have had with other Las Vegas and other related businesses like yours please feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we can share reports with you. In these reports we show the website name as well as the keyword and the keyword ranking. You can see for yourself the amount of time it took for us to rank the website and also the keyword itself in the keyword position. To verify you can go to Google or Yahoo or any other search engine type that keyword in and see for yourself that we have brought that keyword to the top.

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There are many ways to build back links for your local Las Vegas business and we recommend only going with the best long term techniques. Learn more about our niche back link building services and content marketing services by visiting Las Vegas Web Design