The Best Practices For Improving Your Website Security

Without a doubt having a secure website online is incredibly important. There are hundreds of websites that are hacked into every single day. No matter what industry and no matter what type of website you have you will benefit by having a highly secure business website.

Let’s go over a few different forms of website security and what you can be doing to secure your Las Vegas business website.

Identity Protection

This is an important aspect to look into, that most businesses overlook. You want to make sure that your potential customers are going to feel confident and secure when they are doing business transactions with your company.

Domain Name Security

While many Internet marketing companies do not talk about the security of the domain name, many of them are talking about the secured information regarding the domain name owner Whois information. We recommend hiding your Whois information so that you will not get random phone calls from companies. If you look at the website called you will be able to purchase domain names easily and also mark your domain name privacy as private rather than public. This will allow your contact information to be hidden so that no possible scammers and hackers can get your information.

WordPress Plugins

There are many different plugins that can be used for WordPress that really help with website security. While we don’t want to get into each and every one of them, let’s talk about what they do in general. If someone is trying to hack into your website a lot of times they will do so through the wp-admin section of your website. By having a plug-in that limits the login attempts it will allow your website to be much more secure. You can also update your wp-admin password frequently and there are different tools that automate this process.

Update Your Plugins Frequently

Many times hackers are able to insert malicious code when your website has not been updated. If you have a lot of old WordPress themes, plug-ins e.t.c. Then this will allow a potential hacker to get in through these outdated programs and start causing problems.

Reliable Website Hosting Is A Must

By having a reliable website hosting company it will allow your company to do the following:

  • 99% Uptime
  • Daily Website Security Scans
  • Secured Domain Name
  • Lightning Fast Load Times
  • Customer Support If Your Website Has Been Compromised With It’s Security

The Google Search Engine

Google wants to see that your company is here for the long-term. Google not only looks at the domain name but also your website when it is looking to place your site up higher in the search engines. Google wants to see longevity no matter what industry you are in. The longer your domain name has been active and live on the Internet the better. It is our recommendation to not only purchase your domain name for one year but to purchase it for 5 or more years. This is just another way to show Google that you are going to be running this business website for many years to come.


By having domain name security, WordPress security, reliable website hosting and more you will save your local Las Vegas company a whole lot of hassle in the future. There is nothing more frustrating when you have a heavy workload but then you get a call saying that your website has been compromised and has been hacked into. By finding a reliable website hosting company you will be able to secure your Las Vegas business and make sure that you are preventing any possible hackers from compromising your business. We have been offering a website hosting package that allows your company site to be secure and hacker safe. Choose as your next go to hosting company!