Social Media Marketing Tips

There is a lot of fuss online now about the conversion rate of social media and how to increase your sales with social media marketing. We want to list a few tips for you that you can easily implement in order to help combat this problem.

Use Hashtags In All Your Posts

The number one thing we would suggest is to use hashtags in all of your posts because this allows potential customers to find you easier. Without proper hashtags your post no matter how professional they may be might not be found. It is important that you also have daily posts that your readers can count on rather than sporadic posts where you post 10 Facebook or Twitter feeds all at once and then leave it alone for three weeks. We also recommend to have a mobile responsive website because with most users using their smart phones now it’s important that your readers will be able to view your website without any problems. We also recommend here at

Don’t Post Only Advertisements

Las Vegas Web Design recommends you do not to over stuff your social media posts with strict sales postings. People notice an advertisement when they see one, it is important to keep this in mind when you are developing your business strategies. We recommend that post unique deals and offers from your company but also include shareable social media content.