SEO & Digital Marketing Tips For Las Vegas

There are so many different ways to optimize a website nowadays. There are literally hundreds and even thousands of articles published online about SEO and how to market your business online. There are several elements and factors that we want to get involved in help you understand how to better market your website. The first thing to keep in mind is that any website is really there in the first place to bring you sales and to generate leads. Most business websites are incredibly important on how well the company does for that year. In fact there are many online companies that rely only on their own website rankings to bring them sales without a good Las Vegas SEO marketing plan your website will never function and will never bring you the return on investment you are hoping for. So let’s go into a few steps of website optimization and how you can apply them to your company’s website.
There are so many search engine optimization tricks that can be employed in order to help your website ranked better online. The first implementation that you can use our videos. Videos are not only good for informational content, but they also provide fantastic knowledge and information to your potential customers. Your video’s can also be posted on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You can even optimize your own company’s video so it shows up on Google’s search results. Pretend you do something like Las Vegas web design, if you title the video something like #1 Las Vegas web design company and you do good marketing for the video then there is a very high chance that the video is going to be on the search results. So instead of just your website ranking for a keyword, it would also be ranking for your company’s video, which is now a second way to bring in business and sales to your company. Another option is to you have really good reviews on your company’s videos which will give your potential customers the option of viewing testimonials about your company. Testimonials give trust and credibility to your company. You can post short or long video’s about what your company is offering to the public, both are excellent ways to advertise your products or services.

Audio Podcasts

Another form of advertising that many people look over our audio podcasts. While search engines cannot read and call the text of audio podcast what we recommend is actually typing out podcast word for word underneath the video this will allow the search engines to be able to read your content incredibly easy. When doing a podcast that is let’s say 30 minutes long you can have thousands and thousands of words listed on a single page. So what we recommend to companies that implement podcast is to do one audio podcast per page. If you were doing multiple podcast from the same page it would be too much text and too much to scroll through and would overwhelm your users.

Posting Images

The next subject that we want to talk about now are the images that can be used on the company’s website. Images play such an important role for multiple reasons. First off, have you ever searched for something on Google for example, ‘purple flower’ and you have wanted to see different varieties, so then you clicked on the ‘images’ option. The top images displayed would be of ‘purple flowers’ because that is the keyword you typed in the search bar. There are many ways to optimize images, posting images can be an additional way to bring targeted traffic to your website. The simple and best way to bring traffic to a specific image is to, label the image with a specific keyword. When you are naming your images, think of the keywords you would like other people to search for an order to find your image.


In conclusion, you can use videos, images, audio podcasts and of course there are many other ways to advertise your business online. We would love to hear your feedback about what you think of this news release from Las Vegas web design Co.

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