Reasons Why Your Las Vegas Business Website Needs An Upgrade

Upgrades go hand-in-hand with progress. You can’t expect something to just keep on improving indefinitely without proper support. When your computer’s memory is full, you get an upgrade. When your mobile phone is behind the times, you also upgrade. When your skinny jeans can’t fit you anymore, still, you get an upgrade – just that this kind of upgrade can feel terribly upsetting.

Kidding aside, the fact that we upgrade usual, everyday objects would make us realize that it is all the more important to upgrade those that involve our livelihood. And when you’re into online business, then you know what needs the most upgrading – your Website.

We specialize in Las Vegas Business Websites but upgrading is more of a general task than it is specific. So no matter where your business is, this guide applies to you as much as it applies to Vegas.

Still not convinced? Let me lay out all the cards on the table for you.

6 Reasons To Upgrade Your Las Vegas Business Website

Although there are 101 reasons why you should invest in upgrading your website, let me share to you our top 6.

Your Website Speed Sucks

Never underestimate the impact of website speed to user experience. Here’s why:

40% of users leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load.

This is no exaggeration. I remember having to wait for like 5 minutes for a webpage to load a decade and a half ago! Is it just me having bad internet or have you experienced this too? But with today’s technology – ultra-fast, super speedy, quicker than Flash – people have become a lot more impatient.

50% of potential conversions are lost when your website takes more than 6 seconds to load.

Talk about attitude! But this is something we can do nothing about. People generally like everything fast – fast food, fast appointments, fast relationships (oops!). Think about how much revenue can be lost if your website fails to meet speed expectations.

39% will discontinue reading your content when images fail/slow to load.

Even pictures are pretty high-maintenance now, huh. Yes they are! And having a super slow website speed isn’t going to help lessen the complaints – not one bit.

Upgrade now or all the good stuff will be taken by the time you catch up! To know your website’s current speed, use this tool.

Your Website Design Only Amuses Your Grandmother

Am I wrong or has my browser’s interface totally revert back to version 250 B.C.?

Okay. This one is an exaggeration. But I bet your user feel something similar the moment they come across your old fashioned website. Truly, we can’t judge a book by its cover. But to be fair to the majority of cover designers, no one buys a gem of a book if its cover isn’t convincing enough. Looks do matter, maybe not as much as content, but still – THEY MATTER AT LEAST TO 85% OF THE ONLINE POPULATION.

That’s right. Statistics show that 85% of users abandon websites because of poor design.

We are now faced with an age of simplicity and minimalism. This means that glittery, neon, and excessively “creative” designs are outdated. What people want to see is somewhere between plain and too artsy. If you are not too sure what good design fits your website nowadays, here’s a little bit of inspiration!

You’re Not Growing Traffic Anymore

You know you need an upgrade when people have suddenly stopped coming. You might think to yourself “Did my website violate something?” or “Did I do something that might’ve upset people on my recent update?” Chances are, none of these two are causing the problem.

People stop coming mainly because of 3 reasons:

  1. Seeing the same old website bored them out.
  2. They find your features not too user-friendly in the long run.
  3. They found a similar website that gives them a better experience.

Don’t let these 3 happen to your website – especially the last one.

You’re Getting More Bounce Rates

When you’ve been doing business online for a while, you’d realize that the quickest way to know if people are looking is through running your website’s metrics. If you know how to do this, or if you have someone who can do this for you, have them check your website’s bounce rates.

The higher your bounce rate is, the more reason for you to think that there’s something wrong with your website. If there isn’t, then why would people click on your website then just up and leave the second after?

No One’s Buying

Among the many other reasons, this one here is something that you should really take into consideration. Your sales are dropping – this puts your company at stake.

What’s a use of a website if it’s not raking in any cash?

Many factors can be attributed to sales drop. However, if you feel like some of the other reasons apply to your business, then the culprit behind it must be because your website is outdated. Many websites are now integrating more accommodating systems to better service users. Some use chatbots, others provide a 24/7 hotline. Again, don’t get left behind by the times.

You’re Website Is Receiving Bad Reviews

Lastly, another good reason to upgrade your website is because it may get bad reviews if it continues to perform poorly. When people are in a rush, their fumes are just a little hotter than usual. And you don’t want to tick them off more by say, a lagging website. Because the next thing you know, they’re on Yelp or other forum discussions, lashing out on your website.

80-90% of people look at reviews for recommendations. You do not want them catching someone saying awful things about your website just because it’s outdated. Your business deserves more than that – and you know it.

Invest on an upgrade now!

And in case you’re wondering where I’m getting all these statistical data, rest assured, I am not making them up. You can see them here on this helpful infographic.

Hope you had a good read!