Responsive Website Design

Let us tell you more about responsive web design and what responsive website design really means. To have a responsive website basically means that your website can adapt themselves to different viewing devices. So if your website is responsive it could be viewed on all types of platforms and displays such as iPhones, iPads, desktop computers, and more. In addition to this, it also provides the visitors to your website a very interactive experience. This allows the user to easily navigate your website because the website automatically adjusts the screens width to the viewing device. The distinctive benefit to this is that now one website can be used for every type of mobile viewing screen. You do not have to have multiple websites in order to view the website correctly no matter what device you are using. To have a responsive website allows your website to look at its very best on whatever device it is displaying on. It is hard to know where the visitors are coming from, but they could be viewing your website on a television screen or even a small iPhone. And everything in between of course, such as, a computer monitor, a tablet, or any other sort of console in just about any shape.

When Responsive Website Design Became Important

Responsive website design became important starting in about 2014, when there were more users who viewed the Internet on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Many people are on the go and they do not have time to sit down at a computer to view something online. If your website loses functionality depending on what device the viewer is using, then that is a very negative sign to Google and to the user. In fact in 2014, the reports that we have read dictated that about 50% of mobile users were having problems viewing websites online. We want to make sure that your potential customers are not having problems viewing your website on their personal mobile devices.

Two Options In Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

There are two different ways to go about addressing the issue if your website is not mobile responsive but needs to be. The first option is to keep your existing website and spend extra money to migrate it over to a mobile-friendly website. The second option is to have a WordPress website that is mobile friendly. We recommend using the second option in making your website mobile friendly.

Choose A Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

There are many reasons why WordPress takes up about 25% of the market share. WordPress is an open source platform that allows anyone to create a WordPress website exactly to their liking. As the number of platforms increases, it will be incredibly important to make sure that your site is also up to this task of handling any platform of any shape or size. Our Las Vegas web design services are mobile friendly word press websites. Instead of having a different website for each and every different platform we have a responsive website design team that makes it very simple. This is a very cost-effective practice that really does save you a lot of money in the long run. Our websites not only maintain your functionality but they also ensure that any visitor that comes to your website will never be driven away because it’s not being displayed properly. We make every effort to ensure that your visitors will stay on your website and will not leave because it’s being shown in properly on the mobile device. As you might be aware nearly 70% of tablet users actually report that they actually made a purchase online with that tablet device. This goes well and beyond the standard of a services type of website where a user is just browsing through a site to gain more information. There are many customers that also shop online and to have a mobile friendly site when you have a full e-commerce shop is extremely important. We cannot emphasize this enough.


Let’s get into the details of how all of this actually works. As you might be aware responsive website design completely solves the problem of having multiple screens multiple platforms etc. no matter if your user is on a computer desktop a laptop and iPhone or a tablet the website will be shown correctly. Responsive websites actually use a sort of grid layout which are self adjusting and will actually change to any size screen such as a mobile phone or desktop computer. So how does this get in the way as far as the content and images are displayed? The content and images in fact the whole website are displayed accurately and look very professional. It really doesn’t matter what type of device you are viewing the website on whether it’s an iPhone or a large TV screen it will automatically change itself so that it fits the width and shape of your browser and the width and dimension of your screen.

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