What Are The Most Recommended Website Video Players?

Streaming videos is not just done on external websites like YouTube etc. but you can also install video players on your own WordPress website for your business. There are actually many different video players that can be implemented into a WordPress website let’s go over a few of these to help you determine which video player you should be using. There are pros and cons to all video players please keep that in mind.

Feel free to browse through Youtube to see exactly the type of videos we are talking about. There are hundreds of business videos on Youtube that you can get ideas from.

What Are The Most Recommended Website Video Players?

Without a doubt YouTube is one of the biggest video player websites online. YouTube was developed in 2005 and has many fantastic features and is one of the top recommended choices for most companies.


Some of the really good things about YouTube and one of the reasons that we recommend a lot of our clients go with YouTube are for the following reasons. When you get to YouTube you’ll see the average watch time of a website and also the viewed duration of each video. When you are on a specific video it will also show the number of shares that it has and also the gender breakdown for each video. Some of the cons of YouTube are that YouTube is so huge it is actually become over saturated with many videos. YouTube also has a suggested content area on their website and a lot of times we have noticed that those videos are unrelated.

Pros To YouTube:

  • The World’s Largest Video Sharing Platform
  • The World’s Most Popular Video Sharing Platform
  • Absolutley Free To Upload Videos And View Videos
  • Simple To Upload And View Videos
  • Maximum Search Engine Discoverability
  • Simple To Set Up An Account
  • Easy To Manage Your Content
  • Player Playback Better Optimized For Second Screen Viewing

Cons To YouTube:

  • Very Cluttered
  • A Little Unprofessional Looking
  • Nearly Impossible Customer Service
  • Typically Low RPMs On Ads
  • Buffering Can Be really Problematic While Viewing Content In HD
Like Youtube, Vimeo is another excellent video player online that you have probably heard of.


Another video player that you have probably heard of is called Vimeo. The Vimeo player is similar to YouTube but in our opinion it has a little bit more of the professional feel about it. Keep in mind with all of these video players can do a few different things. You can either upload your video to these sites and keep your business videos on sites like YouTube video etc. or you can actually install videos on your own website.

Pros To Vimeo:

  • Shows A Geographical Breakdown Of The Video
  • Shows The Number Of Plays The Video Has Received
  • Very Professional
  • Videos Can Be Extremely Customized
  •  A Community Can Be Build Around The Video
  • Higher Resolution Video Quality
  • Less Discovery Competition
  • Less Copyright Scrutiny On Video Content

Cons To Vimeo:

  • Slow Upload Time
  • Best Features Require A Paid Pro Account
  • Less Options To Customize And Manage Your Own Branding

  • Website Downtime And Errors Occur On Occasion

One of the unique features is that it shows a geographical breakdown of the video. We also like how it shows the number of plays that it should each video has received. This is beneficial because many popular videos have hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of views. Some of the drawbacks of using this video player is that uploading videos can take a very long time. To upload a video on YouTube it typically takes a few minutes but with Vimeo it takes around 30 minutes on average depending on the time of the video that you are uploading.


If you are going to be putting videos on your own website it really does not matter matter which video player you are going to use because they can be highly customized on your WordPress website. Another option is to use all three of the different platforms that are available like YouTube, Vimeo e.t.c and some of the other top video players and see for yourself which one fits your specific needs the best.