Recommended Ways To Write Fantastic Website Content

There are so many different content writing strategies and techniques now it’s easy to get lost and to be confused what you should be doing for your business. There are a few different options and ways you can create high quality content your business. Let’s go over a few of these different strategies and see what the best options are for your business.

Hire A Second Content Writer

The first option that we have is to hire a second content writer. This can be a second content writer in addition to yourself or they can be a set content writer and they do all of the content writing for your business. The typical price ranges for website content are about $25 for a 500 word article posts. While $25 doesn’t seem like a lot of money let’s look at it this way. Did you know that right now we are writing this content with the software called Dragon naturally speaking? Did you know that the content we write takes us only about 10 minutes to do a 1000 word article? So in other words we would be spending $50 for a 1000 word article and we are doing it in only 10 minutes.

Consistently Post New Content

A 500 word article may cost $25 and up, it does not cost much money when you are only posting an article here and there may be every few weeks. But if you are serious about content marketing and are really offering lots of advice and doing weekly and daily posts it can add up. When you buy a 3000 word article be prepared to spend around $75. We do not recommend outsourcing the content writing to places like India because their English honestly isn’t that great. The content you are publishing should be high quality content that is shareable and unique well written content.

Use Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

What we recommend to most of our clients is to write the content themselves with the speech to text software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. With this software you speak into a microphone and it simply types it into a Word document. You can then copy and paste this content to your blog or website posts. It’s incredibly easy to come up with high quality content with the system because when you talk it’s like a natural conversation and you will not be tempted to keyword stuff and do other low quality content marketing strategies that some companies implement.

Write Your Own Content

Another benefit of writing your own content for your own business is that nobody understands the business you do. Wall Internet marketing companies can help rank your website to the top they still do not understand the ins and outs of your business because they do not offer your business services. Writing your own content has many powerful additions and can really be much more powerful than a third-party content writer company.


If however you are not interested in writing your own website content please contact Las Vegas web design Co and would be happy to assist you further. We do content writing services and high-quality niche guest posting services for many clients across the United States and in Las Vegas Nevada. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us or give us a call and we love to help you out.