Questions Not To Ask A Website Designer

No matter what type of field you are in and what type of business you run there just are certain questions that really do not need to be asked. Of course it is human nature without a doubt to ask questions when they are not familiar with and have not worked with the particular system. While we do understand that you will have questions about your website project we do want to go over a few certain questions below that really do not need to be asked by any client.

Can You Make My Logo Bigger?

One question that we can go over is something like can you make my logo bigger? We understand that logos are incredibly important to websites but we are not fans of having the logo take up the majority of the header section on a WordPress website. We want to make sure that your logo does not stand out too much or else it can actually cause problems to your website. Some of the possible issues are that it could be too much of a distraction. We do work with the header section and footer sections on all of our websites to make them fully customized but in general you do not want to make your logo to big that it will cause distractions. We want to make sure that you as a company can get your message across in a clear manner without creating distractions. If you have visited our website Las Vegas Web Design you will notice that our logo is big but it does not distract in any way from the message that we are portraying.

Can You Write Better Content Than Our Company Can?

Another question that really should not be asked is this: Can you write better content than our company can? This can be a tricky question because we do offer content writing services but we really do prefer that our clients come up with their own content for their website for a host of reasons. We are the website design company but we are not your own business. You want to make sure that the content comes from your own business because no one understands your business services the way that you do. So we recommend that all of our clients provide all of the content for us as we are doing the website design part of the project. This really is the best set up and we have the best success when we pare our website design skills with the content that you have written for the website.

Do We Need Content For Our Website?

While it is true that images are worth a 1,000 words it does not need mean that you can only have images on the website. It is actually incredibly difficult to create a website without any content. We do not recommend and in fact we do not offer a service where we only develop the design of the website with images but with no content. Not only that, your site will never rank up high in the search engines if you only have images and videos but no website content. We think that the only clients that would ask this question are the ones that are intimidated by writing up their own content for their website. While we recommend our clients write their own content and that is what they do most of the times, we can offer generic content writing services if that is the only option. We can then train you on how to edit the content to your liking.

Can The Website Design Alone Help Rank Our Website To The Top Of Google?

If you are hiring a website design company only to do your website design do not expect them to also fully optimize your website to the top of the search engines like Google etc. no matter how professionally developed your website is you still need to do a full Internet marketing campaign in order to bring it to the top of the search engines. Really good website design companies including our company Las Vegas Web Design does a mixture of both. When we are developing your website we will also optimize the on page factors of your website for no additional charge. This will allow your website to be indexed and placed higher in the search engines but don’t expect on page optimization techniques and our website design services to fully bring your website to the top of Google. We have been developing Internet marketing strategies for over one decade now and we know without any doubt that full marketing campaigns are absolutely necessary to bring a website to the top of the search engines. It’s not enough just to develop a good-looking website and expect the sales to flood in. It really is a two-step process in that the off page optimization must also be done correctly on a month-to-month basis in order to ensure that your website will receive the highest possible keyword traffic views on a month-to-month basis.

Can You Make Ongoing Website Changes For Free?

This really is a question that should not be asked for a few different reasons. Any professional website design company is going to charge a minimum of $50 per hour. It is unreasonable to expect that any professional Internet marketing agency or website design company can do small changes to your website for free on an ongoing basis. What you can expect however is that when we develop a new website for your company we will continue making changes for your website until you are completely satisfied. As you have maintenance sort of website changes that need to be completed we can do these for you for a small fee depending on what is needed.

Can We Pay Once Our Site Is Fully Completed?

It takes a lot of effort and many hours to develop a website and no professional design company will work absolutely free with the hopes that they will be paid in the future. How we work and how many website design companies work are on a 50% upfront and 50% upon completion payment system. This protects both parties and it’s a very secure system that we use. We send you a PayPal invoice for 50% of the upfront design charges and then once a website is completed and your verified that the website is to your liking we then bill you for the last 50%. If you have any questions about our website design packages please feel free to contact us.

Can You Teach Us How To Edit The Custom coding?

The CSS and HTML coding of a website is extremely technical and no it cannot be easily altered. Most website owners have a hard time knowing how to log into their website and making simple changes let alone altering custom coding. This is one reason why we use different page builders so that you can alter the look and layout of the website easily without having to know the advanced HTML or CSS coding. If you have read some of our previous articles you will have read that one of our favorite WordPress plug-ins is called the visual composer page builder. With this WordPress plug-in it allows anyone with very little experience to alter their website content and images fairly easily.

Can You Make My Website Exactly Like Another Website?

Most of our website design clients have a typical feel and website design that they like. It’s not reasonable to expect that your website will look exactly like as an example. It’s not reasonable and it’s not practical to design and copy another website. All of our websites are 100% unique including the content and images. This is a very good thing as Google really frowns upon websites that are copied and pasted. We want to make sure that we are following Google’s guidelines and this is another reason why we do not copy and paste other websites for our clients, and then make the necessary changes that would be needed. The content of a website including the images and videos headings etc. need to be all unique for your own business. However, we can develop a similar look and feel of other websites that you share with us.