The Panda 4.0 Updates Rewards High Quality Content

There are so many updates coming out with Google it is incredibly vital to stay on top of them to make sure that your website is following all of the rules. The panda 4.0 update is a new algorithm update that came out by Google that is now rewarding those website to have well-written content. In our opinion this is a fantastic move on Google’s part because there were many companies that were trying to spam the search engines with low-quality content that really wasn’t worth reading.

Write Well Written Content

One thing to make sure that when you are writing content is to make sure that it is not overly stuffed with keywords and that it is out only written for the search engines. It is important to make sure that content is written in as if you are talking back and forth to someone in a conversation simply explaining the product or service to them. You would not want to stuff keywords in your conversation over and over as it would not seem natural. You can apply the same rule when writing content for your website. Making sure that it is well written for your audience is most important.

Write Unique Content

Another update and thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you are not duplicating other websites content. There are many websites out there and volume while you may occasionally please make sure that you are not copying and pasting other content into your website. As you know Google is constantly updating how they rank websites and they are constantly updating their Google algorithms. Many SEO companies fail to stay current with today’s updates. It is one reason why we recommend working with Las Vegas web design because this company is constantly reviewing and making sure that they are staying on top of the new algorithm changes.

Write Content Targeted To Your Specific Audience

Content One such change was the panda 4.0 update. If your website was not written well and overly stuffed with keywords we recommend revising your content and updating it. In addition, make sure that all of the future content you write is written more for your specific targeted audience, not just for the search engines to read.


When you think about it the panda 4.0 update is very simple update and if you are not trying to do any sort of black cats strategy like keyword stuffing and there really is not anything to worry about.