Our Client Outranks Amazon, Lowe’s & Walmart!

Similar to the previous post regarding the SEO accomplishments that we accomplished for white glove we also wanted to share another one of our recent client success stories on this blog post. Within a five month time period we brought the company called Fiberglass Warehouse.com to the top of Google or some extremely competitive keywords.

This company sells fiberglass supplies online throughout the United States of America. They came to us in need of SEO marketing services in order to sell more products online. With our sought after SEO package we were able to deliver top keyword rankings for this company.

Check Out Our Client’s Top Rankings!

We wanted to do a quick update and encourage you to check the Google rankings for yourself. Please go to Google.com and type in the keyword: fiberglass resin. Which websites do you see at the top of Google?

You will see companies like Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot etc. Do you see where Fiberglass Warehouse.com is ranked? Currently for the keyword fiberglass resin they are ranked at the number two position for this extremely difficult and competitive keyword.

We Target The Highest Searched Keywords

We work with e-commerce companies such as this one as well as many local Las Vegas businesses that need top Google rankings. It is incredibly important that you are targeting the right keywords for your business to make sure that you receive the highest ROI on your investment.

Part of our Internet marketing package is finding the very best niche targeted specific keywords for our clients. Once the keyword list has been established we can then do the full on page optimization for the website and then move into the real SEO work which is all about doing niche specific back link building. Please read our previous article regarding Las Vegas businesses in need of marketing.

Las Vegas Web Design Co.com Truly Understands SEO Marketing!

Our SEO Marketing experts are extremely knowledgeable about the latest Google algorithms and know what it takes to get top Google rankings. If you have read about our company you probably know that we have been doing Internet marketing for a decade and we have many clients with top Google rankings. Contact us for a free analysis of your website!