Must-Have Web Design Features That Aids in Better Business Performance

Attracting the target audience to the website is the primary concern of web designers who have to be in tune with the latest trends of the industry. Viewers today are bombarded with all kinds of websites. So, they develop a liking for certain types of features and design elements that attract them. The reason for this attraction is usually the comfort level that they enjoy when browsing through these websites. However, web designers should have the ability to figure out the underlying factors that entice visitors, and they should also make sure that these features are present in the design and development of the site.

Web design is linked to better business

Attractive websites contribute to better user engagement which is crucial in driving more traffic to websites and creating better conversions. If you find that your online business is not gaining conversions as expected, there are high chances that something is lacking in the site’s design. Although SEO methods are usually reviewed to improve conversions, you should never ignore the impact that web design has on the same.  By making adjustments to your website’s design and incorporating some crucial elements that you might have missed earlier, you can experience more success in your online venture.  Let us discuss which features of web design can give viewers the same kind of user-experience that they have enjoyed on top quality websites, which enjoy a high conversion rate. The features that we have listed below have the power to work in unison and make visitors act in favor of businesses.

Create design that is unique to the brand and industry

Websites play a significant role in introducing the business to the target consumers. Just as you look at a site for the first time, you gather vital information about the company. The design is responsible for creating the most important first impression that reflects the company culture besides carrying information about its products and services. Las Vegas web design usually has unique elements that link the business to the industry, to which it belongs. It is rich in interactive features that increase the attraction. There are distinct styles and visual approach that can impress viewers the most when they first click into the website.

Use animations and videos in measured amount

The first time experience remains etched in the visitors’ memory forever, and it can also encourage or discourage repeated visits. The style you create becomes the distinctive feature for your online business identity. Create engaging content so that visitors find reasons to stay connected. Use of animations makes websites more intuitive and exciting. Animations are used to provide more information in a crisp manner to attract viewers. Videos should also be used in moderation to enhance the engagement level.

Pack it with trending features

Websites that fail to attract and engage visitors usually lack in features that are most trending. Make websites trendier because visitors would like to get the same comfort in user experience that they have enjoyed at some other internet site. If they find these elements missing, they might feel disappointed, which may urge them to leave your site immediately. To give visitors the best experience, you must pay attention to design features that can enhance user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

  • Minimalistic design – Make good use of minimalistic flat design principles by using the latest tools such as Flat 2.0 and Material Design that allow fusing old design features with new ones with ease. Through the utilization of these tools, you can create exquisite designs that are more appealing and realistic.
  • Scroll jacking – Incorporate the feature of scroll jacking that allows users to direct the scrolling at a particular vertical point on the screen. This form of targeted scrolling adds to the ease of navigation.
  • Ghost buttons and minimalism – Stick to the use of ghost buttons so that visitors can avoid distraction. They can stay focused on what to see, what to read and what to do instead of straying towards too many images, pop-ups, videos, and text.

Optimize pages that can load fast

Successful websites are products of beautiful looks and functionality. Web design has to contribute to both. It is meaningless to have a website with an excellent layout if it has slow loading pages. It can frustrate visitors and increase bounce rate that affects search rankings. Pay attention to optimization of websites from the design perspective so as to allow site caching, reduce the number of scripts, use HTML/CSS minifier, and above all, pay attention to the right sizes of design and images.

Do not miss the search bar

It is all about doing the basics right when creating websites. In your urge for sophistication in design, do not forget to incorporate the humble search bar. Though it might sound strange, such things do happen. Hence, you need to be cautious about it. The search bar facilitates navigation as visitors reach the topic or page that they are looking for by searching for it. The absence of the search bar can become a big failure for websites and business.

Guide visitors to take favorable action

You need to anticipate how visitors are expected to behave on the site so that you can make it easier for them to perform the desired actions. Moreover, it is the task of the designer and developer to guide the behavior so that visitors are driven to take a favorable action. Motivate visitors to act by providing buttons that can initiate a call to action. The action is not always related to buying products. It can be in the form of registering, signing up for newsletters or sending a query to the company.

Lastly, do not forget to insist on responsive web design to give your users the ease of mobile viewing. We can do it for you the way you want and give back more than what you expect. Please visit to engage in a conversation that could mark the beginning of a new relationship.