Mobile Responsive Websites Are A Must For 2017

Las Vegas Web Design wants to inform all our readers about how to have a responsive website, one that is not only converting, but also attractive and easy to navigate through. I am sure you are aware, but if your website is not user friendly, then your viewers will not have a good experience. If this is the case, most likely your viewers will leave your website and opt to browse a different website. It is extremely important that a potential reader or potential customer will be able to navigate through your website easily without any interference. This being true, we wish to discuss a few different ways for our viewers to have a secure and a safe browsing experience without experiencing any website issues.

The first thing that we like to suggest is that you make sure your website is 100% mobile responsive. Having a mobile responsive website basically means your website will adapt to any screen no matter the size. Whether you need your website to adapt to a desktop computer or to a small iPhone it will do it without any problems.  Basically, if you have a responsive website which is what all of our websites are made of they will be able to be viewed on any device that is displaying it. For example, viewers could be browsing your website on a television screen, computer monitor, laptop, notebook, tablet or smart phone.

Most Viewers Browse The Internet Through Mobile Devices

Believe it or not, in 2014 there were more mobile viewers that were using their mobile devices to view a website than desktop users. In addition there is a high percentage actually around 50% not said that it was too hard to use a website on a smaller device because the website was not adapting to the new screen. So there are many ways to fix this issue and there are actually a couple different ways let’s go into that. Some website developers and designers actually create two versions of the same exact website also known as a desktop website and then a completely different separate site for mobile users. The only problem with this is that there are almost hundreds of different screen sizes now and it is hard to make sure with this two step method to ensure that the mobile website will view correctly when switch to a desktop.

All Websites We Create Are Fully Mobile Responsive

Instead of having to go through so much hassle to try and figure the solution out the very simple answer and the answer that Las Vegas Web Design uses is actually to have a responsive website. This means that the same website, not two different websites will adapt to any screen size. This is important because your potential customers will not be driven off your website because it is not displaying properly on their specific device. As a matter of fact, close to 80% of tablet users make purchases on a frequent week to week basis. When talking about sales and the best ROI, having a responsive website is one of the key factors we implement here at Las Vegas Web Design Contact us today to have us start creating your fully mobile responsive and user friendly website!