Matt Cutts Officially Leaves As Google’s Search Director

All of the search engine optimization companies know a lot about Matt Cutts as he was Google’s search director for many years. He actually announced in 2016 that he is officially leaving Google. Matt Cutts decided to leave as Google search director and work with the United States digital service. The USDS which stands for United States digital service is basically a government department related to the Pentagon.

Matt Cutts Is Well Renowned For His Expertise

While we have not been able to find specific information on why Matt Cutts decided to leave his position with Google, there have been some speculations. While we are sad to see Matt Cutts leave Google, we are happy to see that he is staying with another digital marketing job because he is well renowned for his expertise.

Matt Cutts Was One Of Googles First Employees

If you do not know much about Matt Cutts and what he was all about please feel free to learn more throughout this article. Matt Cutts actually joined Google very early on when Google is just starting. He was actually one of the first 100 or so employees that had joined the large Google search engine. While starting at the bottom he was able to work his way to the top so much so that he became one of the most renowned people with search engine optimization industry.

Matt Cutts Had A Personal Bodyguard

There been several interviews made of Matt Cutts and what his position was like with Google and he first started. You can read these online and watch the videos but one thing that we found of interest was that at one time in his career he actually had to have a personal bodyguard because of the threat that came into him. While nothing ended up coming out of this threat it would have been a scary experience not knowing what the future was the holding.

Matt Cutts Has Shared Many SEO Techniques Online

Since he is moved to the Pentagon we are sure that his safety is now going to be very well protected and we hope Matt Cutts continues to publish and help many companies learn search engine optimization techniques online. As a matter of fact, you can easily go to YouTube and watch hundreds of videos that Matt Cutts published. He would go over different optimization techniques such as Internet marketing techniques and website design techniques. As we said earlier, he was one of Google’s most trusted and expert employees.


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