Local Vs National SEO Marketing


Local SEO is all about ranking local websites to the top of the search engines like Google. For example, if you are located in Las Vegas Nevada and need your dental office ranked to the very top you are going to want to use local marketing techniques rather than national marketing techniques. Local SEO marketing is incredibly important especially with all of the local businesses in every city throughout the United States of America. So in general most local SEO marketing campaigns are for individual shops for local businesses that need to make their website presence known.

On the other hand it is generally the larger name brand companies or multi store location companies that are spaced throughout the United States that will engage themselves with national marketing techniques. National Internet marketing is a completely different ball game compared to local Internet marketing. To put this in easier terms let’s look at it this way. Does your Las Vegas business need to be listed and Utah California Texas and New York? Of course not, you are located in Las Vegas and you are only serving your Las Vegas customers therefore you only need local Internet marketing services.

When we are looking at local SEO we are optimizing your business for the local area using your business name, ZIP Code, address, and phone number we publish this information on all of the local directories to get your citations built up. We also work with Google maps including the three pack listing with Google my business in order to make sure that when someone types in something like Las Vegas dentist, your business is the first to show up.


When we are looking at the national Internet marketing techniques it is done on March more of a broad based not using specific addresses nearly as much but going after large aggressive marketing campaigns for your website. The national marketing campaigns that we implements with Las Vegas Web Design Co.com tend to be much higher and harder competition than competing against just the local companies. Let’s say there are 25 dentists in Las Vegas Nevada, we would only have to target the Las Vegas specific area and outrank those other 25 dentists. On the other hand if we are going after generic and dental terms we will now be competing against thousands of websites and other Internet marketing campaigns.

For most of the Las Vegas businesses that contact us we put them on one of our local marketing packages which will ensure that their website will rank to the top of Google. However there are some local Las Vegas companies that also need their multi store locations listed and optimized in Las Vegas and sometimes expanding outside of Las Vegas. No matter what your needs are Las Vegas Web Design Co.com can help your business excel online with our Internet marketing packages.

If you sell online products that can be sold and shipped anywhere in the United States and to other countries then of course you want to target the national market and not just your local area in Las Vegas. We will go over a few different ways we target and help businesses succeed with local and national SEO marketing.


We specialize in the local and national SEO marketing and have been doing so since 2007. We encourage you to read through and learn more about us on our website and by contacting us for a free proposal. We offer free SEO and reports of Las Vegas websites absolutely free. We offer fantastic customer support and we strive to make all of our clients happy on a month-to-month basis. If your website could use a boost either with local or national based Internet marketing techniques and strategies please contact us today for a free proposal.