Learn Why Your Las Vegas Company Needs A Website

In today’s modern world, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that your business has a professionally built website. Without a doubt, if you do not have a website you are going to be losing business on a month-to-month basis. There simply is no way going around having a quality website that helps your business. Who wants to be constantly loosing business? No one! The yellow pages are just about extinct and everyone has turned to the online world of Internet marketing and website design. It is shocking but true that we still come across businesses that are not sure why they even need a website. This statement shocks us because in our opinion having a professionally built website for your company is one of the first things that you should invest in. The best way to increase your businesses revenue is to have a superior website presence. Most potential customers will find out about your products or services through searching the world wide web. However, we run across businesses that have been serving local customers for 25 years and still don’t have a website. Without a doubt having a quality built website for your company needs to be a priority. Let’s go over some of the facts about online marketing and websites to help you understand why website design and development is of up most importance.

Over Two Billion People Use The Internet Daily

Did you know that over 2 billion people are actually using the Internet every single day? The search engines like Google and Yahoo are being bombarded with daily searches. Before individuals buy products online, research has actually shown that close to 85% of those individuals researched online before they made the purchase. If you offer a local service or product the research is also showing that about 70 to 75% of new customers will do research on your company before working with you.

If your business does not have a website and does not have positive reviews and social media outlets, how is a potential customer going to look you up online? The simple answer is, those potential customers will not be able to find your business online.

Almost Half Of All Product Purchases Are Made Online

Another fun statistic that we recently came across is that about 45% of all buyers say that by the year 2018 50% of their purchases are going to be made online. Now just think about that for a moment. With all the brick-and-mortar stores that are constantly full of shoppers think of how busy and chaotic these online websites are. No matter what type of product or service you offer you can really benefit by having a nationally built website for your company. This allows all of these new customers to find you online.

Excellent Return On Investment

So if you are a startup company in Las Vegas Nevada or if you have been around 25 years, you really need a website either way. It does not matter how successful you are or how much you want to avoid using the Internet and developing a website for your company. You really need to invest with a good website development company that understands Internet marketing as well. When you combine local Las Vegas internet marketing services with website development services that is when the real sales start to stream in. Having a website for your business is an excellent return on investment.

Increased Online Visibility

Unfortunately, there are also many companies that believe that just because they have a website that is all they need. No matter how good-looking your website is, if it is not being flooded with website traffic than your website is not going to do you any good. As a matter of fact, it would be a far better option to have just an okay looking website that received a lot of traffic on a day-to-day basis rather than the other option. The other option is to have a really good well-developed website but it is not optimized to the top of the search engines so in the end you do not receive hardly any website traffic and thus no sales are coming in. So although this article is strictly about website development and why websites are important it’s also important to discuss how the Internet marketing campaign plays a role with your website. Just keep in mind that without daily searches being made to your website, no sales will ever come in. This really should be common sense to most of you because everyone knows how a large company like Walmart receives its business. No matter how good of sales and products Walmart might be offering if they do not have customers inside their store actually shopping then no sales are going to be made. This is exactly the same circumstance as having a well done website with no website visitors.

Well Written Website Coding

Another important aspect that we should cover at this time is how your website coding really plays an important role in your overall website performance. Many businesses fail to realize that websites are typically built with HTML coding. Even if your website looks nice and has a nice logo etc. if your website coding is really lacking then so your website rankings are going to be as well. The search engines like Google really need to see a website that has very well written code, has a fast load time etc. this is one reason why we recommend Las Vegas businesses use our WordPress website development service. With this website development service you are guaranteed to have a well written code on top of a fantastic site design.

Factors That Affect How Well Your Website Performs:

  • Website Coding
  • Website Load Time
  • Website Content
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • User Friendly Layout
  • Condensed Images

Las Vegas Web Design Co.com really focuses on all of these aspects when developing Las Vegas websites for the clients that come to us. As a matter of fact we make sure that our websites load in under three seconds. On top of this, we also make sure that our WordPress websites are mobile friendly so that they can adapt to any viewing device.

Completely Own Your Website

When searching for a Las Vegas website design company do not just go with the company that is the most affordable. Your business is going to be here for the long run and so should your website. If you get a budget website designed then you can also expect budget results. The more time and energy and resources that you put into having a professionally built website developed for your Las Vegas company the better. Once your website is developed it is completely yours forever. All you will need to do is set up website hosting and update your website from time to time with new content and recent photos.

Sky Rocketing Sales

Some of you might be thinking that there are too many websites for my local industry in Las Vegas and it really does not matter that I even have a website because the competition is too high. We highly encourage you not to feel overwhelmed in any way. No matter what your Las Vegas, Nevada industry is, we can help your business achieve sky rocketing sales! Many companies have lots of questions for us before we even get started with website design. If you have questions about development or Internet marketing services please reach out to us Las Vegas Web Design Co.com.

Before we finish this article we want to provide some further information to help motivate you and your company to invest in a professionally built website. It is best to think of website development and Internet marketing as an investment and not a cost. Let us review a few more facts related to online sales.

Fun Internet Facts

In the United States alone the e-commerce industry is now worth over 300 billion. Imagine how many sales that is on a month-to-month basis for the companies are ranked up high for targeted niche keywords? If we look at some of the worldwide statistics for the e-commerce industry we have seen numbers in excess of $2 trillion. Another fun fact that we found recently is, nearly 75% of all consumers will shop and browse online if a particular company is offering free shipping. It is well-known that offering free shipping is one of the most valuable sales techniques that you can offer. Now, if you don’t ship products but only offer a local service you too can offer special promotions that will help bring more sales into your business quickly.

Having A Professionally Built Website Is Vital To Your Businesses Success

These large sales numbers are here to stay and in fact are only going to be increasing on a year-to-year basis. The Internet is growing rapidly and if you are not a part of it then your business is going to fail. If you have finally decided that your company needs a professionally built website and have decided to take the step forward than we recommend a few following tips. Do not go with the company that offers the least expensive service. Although you will be saving some money up front think about the long-term outcome this can have on your business?

You Get What You Pay For

We encourage most of our clients to remember the saying that says, “You get what you pay for.” Instead of finding the most affordable website development service, instead we challenge you and encourage all of our clients to go with the companies that have the most experience. It is easy to find the experience of website development companies. Simply ask them for their portfolio and you can browse the websites that they have recently accomplished. You can check these companies out on social media sites and different review websites as well.


Our final recommendation is to use a local company here in Las Vegas. It is nice when you can call your local company and have a local expert answer your questions. LasVegasWebDesignCo.com offers fantastic support and fantastic Las Vegas website design solutions. If you check out our own website at Las Vegas Web Design Co.com you will notice how fast loading, user-friendly, and informative our website is. We strive to develop custom, unique websites for all of our Las Vegas clients.