Is Social Media The Best Form Of Online Advertising?

Without a doubt social media marketing is an important strategy to implement for just about any business. However, we have noticed that many businesses place far too much trust in social media marketing and not as much emphasis and resources with search engine optimization. In our opinion, having top of Google rankings is 100 times more powerful than posting random social media posts about your business.

Social Media Marketing Myths

Unfortunately there are many myths about social media marketing, we want to discuss a few of these to help clear up any of these mess that you might have heard and that you might believe in. Do not get us wrong, we are fans of social media marketing and we do implement this sort of advertising for our own business website. We only wish to inform you and educate you on the best practices. Our clients get the best return on investment when going with our Las Vegas SEO marketing package compared to a generic social media package.

Social Media Will Not Instantly Bring New Customers

One of the common myths is that you are going to get a lot of new customers through social media instantly. Can you think back with your own research when you are trying to find a new company to work with. Did you go to a social media site like Facebook, and then you looked up a random company and instantly gave them a call? It really does not work that way with social media marketing. Typically when you are searching for a business or a product you go to Google and you go through the top of Google listings or the Google map listings.

It has been confirmed that most social media likes are from customers that have already worked with that particular company. So while social media marketing is great for your existing customers to leave reviews, product discounts, photos of your company e.t.c. it really is not the best way to bring in new customers on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing Will Connect You With Current Customers

The better way to use social media marketing is to simply connect with your current customers and get them interested with more of your products. Offering things like giveaways and your new product images are good forms of advertising for the customers that are already liking your social sites.

Search Engine Optimization Is Even Better Than Social Media Marketing

If you are local Las Vegas business is searching for new customers and new sales and is really wanting to grow your yearly revenue we highly recommend going with the search engine optimization package that will flood your business with new customers. Once you have these new customers then yes engage with them and share lots of updates with them via the social media outlets.