The Internet Is Not Just Large And Recommended

The Internet is not just huge and not just a big thing that is going to come and go. The Internet is growing dramatically and is taking over the world. As a matter fact in 1998 when Google first opened there were only about 3 1/2 million searches per year. Over time it has grown tremendously and it is now over 2 million searches per day that is done on Google alone. If you look at the total amount of indexed pages on all of the search engines it exceeds 5 billion total pages.

The Internet Has Taken Over Other Forms Of Advertising

The Internet is not only growing tremendously fast it is also taking over previous forms of advertising. The yellow pages and newspaper ads are just about extinct. Google and the Google maps listings are taking over the local search markets tremendously fast. There are three major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo with Google taking around 75% of the to total search volume.

Most Online Viewers Use Mobile Devices To Search The Internet

While the Internet is growing tremendously fast, so is the way we use the Internet. Years ago it used to be that most Internet searches were done through a desktop or laptop search. Skip forward to the 20th century and the stats are showing us that the mobile searches are actually out doing the desktop searches by more than 30 billion searches.

Even though the mobile search volume is higher than the desktop searches, it does not mean that online viewers using desktop computer are going away completely. The laptop and desktop searches are still tremendously high and there is actually a new type of model that is slowly been forming which is a hybrid model. There are separate search results for mobile devices and also for desktop devices and it is the search engines job to combine all of this information and provide viewers with the best possible experience.

It Is Crucial To Have Your Business Visible Online

How this relates to your Las Vegas business is that having a full search engine optimization package done for your business website is crucial. The Internet is growing tremendously fast and you need to have your local business website not only listed in the search engines but fully optimized to the top.

We Specialize In Internet Marketing

There are thousands of searches done on a day-to-day basis in the Las Vegas Nevada area alone. Having your website to the top will allow these viewers to find your website and not your competitors. We specialize with Internet marketing because it is so crucial for local businesses in order for them to grow. Contact one of our SEO experts today to learn more about what we can do for your local website!