Important Questions To Ask Your Future Website Design Company

Many Las Vegas businesses contact a few different website design companies in order to receive specific quotes and possibilities for their new website to be created. There are some important questions that every business should ask their future website design company. Every company works differently, they all have different pricing structures, they offer different sorts of website design services etc. By asking some of these following questions it will help you to narrow down to a specific website design company that you should be working with in your local area.

Before we start with the questions we first want to congratulate you on making the first right decision. There are some companies that fail to hire a website design company and decide to use a do-it-yourself program instead. If you have read some of our previous blog posts you will have read that many of these free website builders have terrible side effects for business websites. On the other hand, hiring a professional website design company will get your company where it needs to be. Website development companies understand the ins and outs and can help your business excel online.

What Is Their Web Design Philosophy?

One of the first questions that you can ask your potential website design company is the following question. What is your exact philosophy when designing a website? If you visit our company website Las Vegas Web Design you will instantly notice that our website features a flat design and is very easy to navigate. We really specialize in making easy to navigate and clean looking websites for Las Vegas-based businesses. There are far too many companies that outdo that overdue their website design process so much that websites become messy and hard to navigate. We specialize in conversion rate optimization and we want to make sure that all of the potential customers that visit your website can find what they are looking for and fast.

What Is Their Web Design Process?

Another important question in something to think about is to know what the actual process is going to be. Rather than just hiring a website design company and giving them 100% of the upfront costs, it is good to know what is expected before the processes even started. A really good Las Vegas Web Design company will typically charge you 50% upfront and 50% upon completing your website. This way, it protects both parties evenly. It is good to know how the process works, We typically have our Las Vegas-based businesses write their own website content and send it to us in a simple email or word file. From there we start with the website development process and once the site is fully completed we simply send you a quick email informing you that your website is done. This is when your business will review the entire website and send us any feedback. We then make all of the suggested changes and once that is completed and you are happy with the website development work that we have done for your company then we will charge you the last 50% this is typically the best way to work with businesses located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What Is Their Web Design Pricing?

It is vital to know the exact website development cost before starting. Try to make sure that the website development company does not have any hidden fees and you receive an exact quote for your website before they even get started. There are some companies that charge an hourly rate and some that will charge per project.

Which Content Management System They Use?

Las Vegas Web Design primarily sticks with WordPress website development for a number of reasons. However, there are many design companies that do not use WordPress. Make sure you know which content management system your future design company is going to use. There are many CMS systems out there that are not search engine optimized and honestly make a terrible choice. The open source software such as word press has unlimited options and is used by about 25% of all websites online. There are hundreds of reasons why our company sticks with WordPress and we recommend our Las Vegas-based businesses stick to WordPress as well.

How Long Does It Typically Take Them To Create A Website?

Some of the companies we work with our and a timeline to get the website done. They need it done within a couple of weeks however not all design companies can work with such a short amount of time. Make sure that you receive a specific timeline quote before you get started with your potential design company. Some design agencies will develop a website in as little as seven days while some will take over two months to completely develop your business website.

How Much Do Additional Website Changes Cost?

There will always be website changes that need to be done whether every six months or every week, you need to make sure that your website design company has really good customer service. There is nothing more frustrating when you are trying to get changes made by your design agency is not responding. We recommend that you find out in advance what their typical turnaround time is for website changes. Now of course, some website changes are very simple and might take an agency only one day while on the other hand if you need five new additional pages added to your website than it is a more time-consuming process. The overall goal is to make sure that your agency is going to be able to make changes within a suitable amount of time.

Do They Have Recent Referrals You Can Contact?

We recommend contacting some of the clients that have worked with this design company before you get started with the whole website design process. If you contact two or three of their portfolio clients and they all rave about the company and give them five out of five stars, then chances are you are going to be happy as well. There is no better way to see what a website design company is really like until if you have talked to some of their clients on the phone and have received genuine wine feedback.

How Many Web Designers Will Work On Your Project?

Another important question to ask your design company is the following question. How many web designers are going to be working on my project? It is important to know who is designing your website into know where they are located. Some website design companies outsource some of their design work and some prefer to keep it all in house. You can also ask and find out what the experiences of the web designer before you get started. If you are sold on a $4000 website design project it’s good to know if you are being charged hourly or on a per project basis. If it is an hourly based project it is good to know what you’re being charged per hour as well.

When Your Website Is Complete Will You Fully Own The Website?

If you spend a couple thousand on a website it should be yours and yours only. However, there are some website design companies that do not fully transfer the ownership of the website over to you once it’s completed. All of our Las Vegas design clients fully on their website once they have it paid off. However, not all Las Vegas based design companies use the same set up. Make sure that once you have paid for your website you have full access to the site and it is your site 100%.

Do They Offer Monthly Maintenance Packages?

Just because your website is completed and you are happy with your finished website it does not mean you are completely finished working on your website forever. There will always be website changes and additions that need to be made in the future. These changes will occur multiple times as your company grows and wishes to add updated content and photos. We recommend asking your website design company if they offer maintenance monthly packages that you can sign up with. If you need ongoing website changes made it is important that the exact same company that built your site can also make these changes for you.

Do They Provide Website Hosting And Website Security?

As we mentioned in a previous article, we recommend managed WordPress hosting for many reasons. However, if you decide not to use this type of website hosting and your website gets hacked or has issues, who then is going to take care of these problems? Most website design companies are also highly experienced with website hosting. It’s important to know what your design company offers in terms of website security and any other future problems that you might experience.

It is not enough to just know that they offer monthly maintenance packages and website security services, but it is also important to know their exact website pricing. Some website design companies will offer lower upfront fees and then will charge higher maintenance fees. In our opinion it is best to spend a little extra money up front with an experienced website design company here in Las Vegas. Once your website is fully designed, we highly recommended that you go with a company that offers a budget priced hosting package and that you are not being overcharged every month.

Do They Have All The Necessary Information Required To Successful Create Your Website?

Many clients fail to realize that website design entails a lot of work. It is best to give your selected design company everything that they need up front to make their job as easy as possible. This will not only make the website design agencies job easier but also will save your own business a whole lot of time. Have your design companies send you a checklist of what they need in order to get things rolling.

Do They Offer SEO Marketing Services As Well?

Here at Las Vegas Web Design we say that about 40% of our website design clients also need other services like Internet Marketing packages. This really is one of the most important questions that you can ask a website design company. Once your website is fully completed you need to know what other services they offer. Rather than working with two or three different specialized companies here in Las Vegas it is best to work with one company that can handle everything. This will not only save you a whole lot of money but will also make your job as a business owner incredibly easy. If in the future your you need your website not only developed but also fully optimize to the top of the search engines it is recommended that your service agency can do all of these services. As you probably are aware there is no point in just developing a brand-new website and then not receiving any traffic to the site on a day-to-day basis.

Allow Las Vegas Web Design To Create Your Stunning Website Now!

We want to inform you that Las Vegas Web Design is not only a WordPress website design company here in Las Vegas, Nevada but also a highly recommended Las Vegas SEO company. We not only develop professional sites but we also rank the sites for targeted keywords that will flood your website with qualified traffic on a week to week basis. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services and our previous tips that we have mentioned. As you follow the following tips you will have a much easier time choosing between the different web design agencies in your local area.