Vital Questions To Ask Your Future SEO Las Vegas Company

Las Vegas Web Design tells their clients that choosing a really good SEO company is like finding an honest car mechanic. It can be a very difficult task because people do not understand how search engine optimization works so it’s easy for a dishonest SEO company to take advantage of their future clients. On the contrary, Las Vegas Web Design strives to be as honest as possible and strives to do the best quality work for all their clients. Las Vegas Web Design has been offering Internet Marketing packages for over 10 years and we understand the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. They use the most effective SEO strategies that prove to bring real keyword ranking results!

We completely understand that choosing a new company to work with can be overwhelming because of so many different factors. It is hard to know what to even look for in the future marketing company. There are so many companies that say they are the number one Las Vegas company but how do you really know that is true? There are so many Google algorithm updates and changes that go on constantly, how do you know your selected SEO company is staying on top of all of these updates?

How Long Will It Take Them To Rank Your Website?

The following questions are good things to keep in mind and good questions to ask any future Internet Marketing company that you are thinking of working with.

This first question is an important one because you want to know the timeline of your website rankings. It is important to ask them and have a ballpark time frame of how long it is going to take for your website to rank on page one on Google. While the search engine results cannot be guaranteed any reputable and honest Internet marketing company should be able to give you a ballpark time frame. Typically the results take anywhere from three months to one year depending upon the keyword competition. We highly recommend not working with any company that says it will only take a matter of weeks.

Will They Send You Monthly Reports?

A really good Internet Marketing company should be providing you with monthly reports showing what was done on your website and what your current keyword rankings are showing. There is so much data that can go into these rural reports it is easy to get overwhelmed. The main things to consider and keep in mind are the following. You want to make sure that the SEO company is doing a lot of work for your website and the keywords on a month-to-month basis. Some marketing companies go by a per project billing and some are on a hourly payment schedule. We recommend that you only go with companies that are 100% transparent. This means that they share all of the work that was done with you on an ongoing basis. If a company is not willing to share what work they are actually doing for your website we recommend that you find a different company to work with. In addition, one of the best ways to keep track of progress is to receive monthly Google reports showing where your keywords are ranked the previous month and where they are ranked this new month.

Will They Continually Publishing Updated Content?

Besides the SEO agency doing the off page optimization work there are a few more questions that you should ask them. One really good way of increasing website rankings naturally and following the Google algorithm is by making sure that you have a content rich website. If you have a blog but have not updated it in months that is a terrible sign to the search engines. Google and the other main search engines like to see fresh updated content on any website regularly. Not all Internet Marketing companies offer content marketing and blog content writing services. If yours does not, ask them what type of content you should be writing and how often.

What Are Their SEO Techniques?

There are different forms of Internet marketing available. Make sure you know what your Internet marketing company is providing for you. There are on page optimization techniques which help optimize your existing website. There are back link building techniques which allow your website link to be placed on hundreds of other high-quality niche websites. There is local Internet marketing which allows your company to rank for local Las Vegas, Nevada searches. In addition, there are also national marketing strategies that allow websites to rank to the top of the search engines across the world. Many e-commerce and product websites engage in the national SEO marketing. However, for many local Las Vegas, Nevada businesses they only need local SEO done for their website. Make sure that your Internet marketing company knows exactly what you want and what you are searching for.

Will They Always Target The Highest Searched Keywords Related To Your Business?

Many agencies also fail to do really good keyword research before starting. It is important that you are targeting the best keywords for your business. If you spent thousands of dollars and have spent a lot of time with your website but you end up targeting the wrong keywords for your business then you just lost out on a whole lot of money. Just because a keyword is relevant to your industry does not mean you should be targeting it. The reason we say this is because not all keywords receive a high amount of monthly traffic. If you target very low search volume keywords, even if you are at the top of the search engines like Google, you will not be receiving many sales on a month-to-month basis!


Besides all of the technical Internet Marketing techniques that we discussed it is also vital that you can talk frequently with your marketing company. Make sure that they offer fantastic customer support services. Whether you need to contact them through emails on a week to week basis or do a monthly phone call with your local Las Vegas company to go over what was done for that previous month, it’s important that your company can do this.

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