How Website Hosting Can Affect Your Business

There are so many different hosting plans it’s very important to make sure you are using the correct type of hosting for your business. Many companies fail to use the correct website hosting and it honestly is a nightmare. If you have selected about website hosting company you can expect to have many different problems and to spend many wasted hours trying to resolve these problems. We recommend reading through this article on website hosting to make sure that your company is using the very best website hosting provider, one that will save you lots of headaches.

Why Website Hosting Is Necessary

Let us first go over what website hosting is and why it is needed because many Las Vegas businesses do not understand the importance of website hosting and why their business needs to spend any money on it. Once we have completed your website and its type to make and it is time to make your website live on the Internet than our next step is to transfer the website development to a hosting company. The hosting company will then host your website and domain name and make it possible for your website to be shown online. There are many different website hosting technologies available and they all have their positives and negatives. The Las Vegas website hosting services that we offer are not only a fantastic value for our clients but also worry free website hosting as we like to call it. It is vital that you are not wasting time trying to keep your website up and running so you can focus on running your business.

Best WordPress Hosting Company

We want to first say that the website hosting company that we recommend for our clients is a company called because they are a managed WordPress hosting company that does a fantastic job. Let us go over a few of the different types of website hosting packages that are available for WordPress and other content management system based websites.

Shared Website Hosting 

One of the first options that you have for your Las Vegas business is to go with a shared website hosting company. In order to try and help you understand what these different website hosting packages are like we will give some analogies to try and help simplify these different terms. Shared website hosting is like living in an apartment building. There are many shared aspects with shared website hosting. The benefit of using shared website hosting is that they are very inexpensive packages that most companies can afford.

If you have a very simple website with just a few pages and will not need any fancy hosting features then shared hosting might be an option. The benefit is the affordability wall some of the downsides of this type of hosting is that generally speaking your website will tend to load slower, you will have much less customer service support and you do not have your own dedicated server.

VPS Website Hosting

In other type of website hosting is also known as VPS hosting. With this type of hosting you can manage your account by yourself unlike the shared hosting packages. Typically the Las Vegas businesses that have large websites will stick to a VPS hosting plan rather than a shared website hosting account. If your website receives a lot of daily traffic and a lot of sales you will definitely want to go with a VPS hosting or better and stay away from the shared hosting plans. Many e-commerce websites will choose VPS hosting because it allows them to have faster running websites and have more customizability.

The downsides to VPS is that it does cost more month-to-month and there is really no way to contact a customer service representative to have them look at your hosting. The VPS which stands for a virtual private server must be handled by you or one of your employees at your company.

Dedicated Servers

One of the best forms of hosting that can possibly be purchased is called a dedicated server. Unlike a shared plan where you are sharing lots of the same resources with other websites a dedicated server is entirely your own. There are no limitations to a dedicated server and you can customize it as much as you need to. If your Las Vegas based business receives an extremely high amounts of daily website visitors, if your website loads lots of contents and if it requires heavy processing on a day-to-day basis or if you need hosting options that need to be very custom, than a dedicated server is most likely the best option for your business. One of the really good reasons of having your own dedicated server is that your website speed will be incredibly fast because there are no other websites on your hosting account that can possibly slow it down.

Website Speed And Performance

As you probably are aware the website speed and performance is not only for the user experience but also for Google rankings. Google has said that website load time is now playing an important role with their search algorithm. It is incredibly important to make sure that your website loads fast not only to please all of the visitors that come to your website but also to gain the highest possible search engine rankings.

So while having a dedicated server is one of the best forms of hosting there is a downside in that it does cost a lot more money to have your own dedicated server. In addition, similar to the VPS hosting you need to know how to maintain your own server or you will need to outsource it to someone that understands all of the possible complications that can happen.

Managed Website Hosting

What we recommend for 100% of our clients is to not use any of the three previous hosting packages. Most companies do not have the time knowledge and money to have their own dedicated or VPS server. If something goes wrong they need to be able to rely upon another company that can fix it for them. This is why we recommend a managed WordPress hosting company, this in our opinion is the number one hosting that any business can have. With this type of set up this selected hosting company will run everything for you, while you still have your own dedicated server. In a sense it is a combo of a few different types of hosting services combined into one.

 Our Website Hosting Benefits:

  • Excellent Website Security
  • Lightning Fast Website Loading Time
  • Full Protection Against Hackers
  • Extremely Affordable

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