How To Outrank The Giant Las Vegas Businesses With SEO

As you probably are aware search engine optimization which stands for SEO helps your website rank to the top of the search engines like Google. No matter what type of business you have weather it is a small Las Vegas company for a large national chain company that pays off to get top website rankings. There been many studies that show that the top ranked websites are the ones that get most the traffic. Once your website jumps off to page 2 the amount of visitors that are seeing your website dramatically drops. Whether you need top rankings for your local business in Las Vegas or your national rankings at the top of Google it can be highly competitive.

Many Las Vegas Companies Find It Hard To Optimize Their Website For The Following Reasons:

  • High Competition
  • Newer Established Website
  • Not Enough Website Content
  • Low Quality Back Links
  • Low Quantity Back Links
  • Poor Meta Description
  • Non Related Heading Tags

Competing With Nationally Ranked Large Corporations

There are many big brands and big national chains that sweep the United States. These large corporations tend to rank very well with the search engines. Many consumers are familiar with companies like Walmart, Amazon, Overstock etc. These large big brand companies are given more credibility and trust which naturally ranks them well above smaller companies. Most big businesses have websites with thousands and thousands of pages and a lot of them are full of content; it is difficult to compete with these big business’s website rankings. Think of your website, how many pages do you currently have listed? If you only have about five pages and each page only has 300 to 700 words, you are severely lacking. It is extremely important to make sure that your site is full of content and updated on a week to week basis. It is common sense why a small website with fewer than 10 pages would have a hard time outranking a company like Overstock that has thousands of pages.

More Reasons Why Las Vegas Businesses Struggle To Rank Above Larger Corporation’s Websites

Another main reason is because your Las Vegas Business’s domain name might only be a few months or a few years old. Some of these big businesses will of had their domain names more than 30 years and have been in business hundreds of years. Google really likes older domain names and they tend to rank older domain names higher than a brand new domain name. Another thing to keep in mind is that these larger businesses and corporations have a larger marketing budget then your company will. They can spend whatever it takes to get the word out on their products and have a lot of resources at their disposal. They could have 25 employees working on one project and you might only have you and your wife to help you build out your website with more content.

It Is Possible To Gain Top Rankings

Our goal of this article is not discourage you and say that your small business cannot outrank these giant websites because as a matter of fact this is not true. We have taken websites that were barely ranking on Google and with the matter of six months outranked the large companies like we discussed earlier like Walmart, Amazon, Overstock etc. there are many ways to outrank these big companies if you are doing the correct type of SEO marketing campaigns. Now we are not just talking about local but also the national marketing. Of course an easy way to outrank or to get around this issue of the big corporations is to simply go local and do local SEO marketing. If you are based in Las Vegas and just need your website ranked and compete against other Las Vegas businesses then yes you won’t have to worry about the larger brand recognition that the other corporations have. However, if you have products and/or services that need to be sold online you are going to want to target the national market. Please look through our testimonials and you’ll see that we have many top ranked websites with our search engine optimization package. We have been doing search engine optimization for 10 years and can outrank these big corporate sites within a maximum of one year.

Las Vegas Web Design Can Help To Dominate Your Search Engine Performance Online

With our monthly SEO marketing packages, we can help to dominate your search engine performance online. It really does not matter if you only need local marketing or national marketing because we do both and we excel in ranking both locally and nationally ranked keywords! The marketing package we offer typically ranges from $750-$1000 per month. All of the packages are on a month-to-month basis and we never put our clients on any contracts. We do this because we want our clients to be with us out of their own free will rather than lock them down. We highly recommend not going with any marketing companies that put you on a year-long or even two-year long contract.

Including An Excellent Social Media Campaign

We are going to go over a few different ways and tips on what you can do for your business to ensure that you get top website rankings. The first step is to include a social media marketing campaign. To be clear we want to inform you that with the Google and their current algorithm the social media marketing does not have a ranking factor with Google. However, it is extremely important and in a smaller community or even a larger city such as Las Vegas, Nevada you can really capitalize with social media.

Including Longtail Keywords

Some of the other options we have with local marketing is to use what we call longtail keywords. A keyword is just a phrase or term that an individual will type in on Google.

Example Of Three Keywords  We Use For Our Own Website:

As you can see these three keywords are actual keywords that we target for our own website. By having these three keywords ranked at the top of Google we get new customers on a month-to-month basis. If our Google rankings suddenly dropped we would suddenly be out of work. Using our own company as an example we can also say that since we are based out of Las Vegas and serve Las Vegas businesses we do not need to compete against these large corporations like a we discussed earlier. All we are doing for our own businesses ranking our Las Vegas keywords to the very top. There are different tools that you can use that will help you determine which keywords you should be targeting for your business.

It is very important to make sure that the keyword you are targeting are the right ones for your niche and that they receive enough monthly views and searches to get you the calls and sales that you are looking for. There is no point in optimizing a keyword to the top of Google if it is not going to convert into sales for your company.

Two Tools To Help You Decide Which Keywords To Target:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush

These are the two tools that we recommend you check out when searching and trying to find the best keywords for your business. They will show you the monthly search volume of the keywords and also the competition levels.

We highly recommend that you check out these two sites and plug in your keywords into them. If you are having troubles knowing what keywords you should be targeting please feel free to contact us and we’d love to help you out.

If you have not yet used a website hosting company we recommend that you go with the company called:

It is incredibly easy to do website hosting with this company because they are a managed WordPress hosting company. Unfortunately, there are many hackers that try to take down WordPress websites and it is important to make sure that you are protected.

High Quality Niche Back Links

The last thing that we want to mention which is also the most important item of business that you need to do is to gain high quality niche back links for your website. It is vital that you build brand awareness and can work on becoming a authority in your niche in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you publish high quality authoritative content out on the web, this is a great sign for Google as well as the many readers. There are many subjects and items of business that can be published. You can post images and videos of your recent work on social media, you can publish press releases and high quality articles. There are many other ways to get brand mentions for your business and that is something that we focus on with our SEO package. One of the main things that we do to increase website rankings is to make sure that you are getting monthly guest posts done for your website. The guest posts that we done are 100% transparent and you see the exact work that we did. We truly are one of top website marketing and website development companies in Las Vegas, Nevada!


All of the marketing that we do and implement is Google friendly and is safe with Google and the new algorithms that come out on a frequent basis. We do not use any black hat techniques in any way shape or form. To some all of this up, while your business may be new and your budget may be small with our 10 years of marketing experience we are confident in our ability to outrank even the largest of websites for your company. Contact Las Vegas Web Design if you have any questions!