How To Make Joomla Work For Your SEO Success

Earning good ranks in search results that can increase the visibility of websites is the ultimate goal of SEO. Nicely designed websites, high quality content together with proper SEO techniques can spell success in marketing. However, the basics have to be done rightly and this means that you need to create an attractive and interactive website to start with. It begins by choosing a suitable content management system. Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems available open source and ready to use. How the combination of Joomla and SEO can work hand in hand to propel business growth has been discussed in this post.

No marketing efforts can taste SEO success unless it is backed by a website that has winning features embedded in it. To make this happen, you have to fall back on Joomla templates that have backed SEO initiatives successfully. As you read on, you will discover how Joomla has given the cutting edge to websites that have reaped rich benefits in SEO campaigns. Its features and powers in furthering the cause of SEO have been discussed in this article.

Joomla at first sight

Joomla is meant for SEO, so to say, as is evident from the various SEO compatible features that are incorporated in it. This trend is prevalent in all versions of Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 and beyond.  In the menus of Joomla 1.5 you will find page display tab and Meta data options tab that exemplify the SEO features. Similarly, in the menus of Joomla 1.7 and beyond article title options, option for mentioning page name in title of the site and visible page heading are features that enhance SEO performance. These SEO friendly features make Joomla soar high in popularity among web developers and SEO companies. By using readymade Joomla templates websites are created speedily with complete customization options. Let us now try to understand what these templates are.

Joomla templates

You must have heard a lot about Joomla templates but never really knew what it really is. Once a website is created, the developer would like to get a feel of it. He must be concerned about how the website will really look and would also like to gauge the kind of response it is likely to generate from viewers. Knowing in advance before launching the website would give the developer the opportunity of fine tuning as well as making changes that can enhance its performance.

The templates are like empty shells of websites that enables visualization of the final product. It constitutes of a series of files that create the same effects of the finished website both in appearance and response. From color to fonts and menu styles to navigation controls, from the basic layout design to the header and background all can be assessed by using Joomla templates. The templates give the opportunity of taking a dry run that leaves nothingto chance after the website is launched.

SEO friendly templates

The SEO agency that you engage for your SEO campaign will have no reservations in using Joomla templates as these are SEO friendly. The power and versatility of Joomla together with its ease of use and scale up facilities are the reasons for its popularity.  Joomla will push you ahead in your SEO campaign that has to be directed properly in order to gain better rankings in search results.  The SEO features of Joomla have to be understood and implemented correctly to drive the SEO campaign towards success.

SEO measures to be taken

Since earning good ranks the search results is the objective of SEO, the campaign has to be framed on the basis of working of the search engines. What is liked by the search engines has to be considered and focus has to be given on making websites lovable to search engines. At the same time, attention has to be given to the SEO guidelines set by the search engines that stipulate high quality content on websites besides structured internal links. All these things taken together can result in a successful SEO campaign of which Joomla is an integral part.

Easily readable URL

It is not the website features alone that contribute to better SEO performance. Taking indexing by search engines into consideration, every website strives to fare well during indexing. For speedy indexing, the URL name that you select has to be easily readable by search engines. The URL should include a search engine friendly component as well as keywords and should have a short and crisp name. Using the Joomla SEO extension feature   SH404SEF would help to improve search rankings. It also helps to fix broken areas of your website by tracing the origin of 404 errors.

Menu structure optimization

The menu structure has to be created in a top down manner and optimized so that it can support the internal links that are critically important for earning better page ranks.  The link between the home page and the featured article is created accordingly.  This would allow any article belonging to any category being featured on the basis of the link. Thereafter, the menu item is created so that is linked to each parent category. Sub categories belonging to the parent category are attached to sub menus.

Organizing content

For better search rankings, the content that is presented on the website not only has to be of high quality but it has to be presented in an organized manner. The logical presentation should make good sense to viewers who get attracted to it. Content has to be divided into categories and sub categories and finally clustered under a broad category.  Following a hierarchy in organizing content is necessary. Joomla has the features of organizing content that has to be matched with your plan of content management.

Create sturdy internal links that help in passing a page rank to other pages. It also encourages readers to view other relevant contents on different pages. Having gone through everything, once again you can fall back on Joomla SH404SEF to augment page titles that has a direct impact on on-page ranking of SEO.