How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Let’s say you have just spent $4000 on a brand-new website for your business. The website looks fantastic and it is exactly to your liking. Now that your website is completed what are the next steps? What are the next best things to do to now get website visitors to this brand-new website of yours. Without a doubt, the answer is search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

You have probably heard of the term, search engine optimization being that it is pretty common now. You might be wondering how search engine optimization can help out your brand-new website. Let’s go over a few ways why you need to implement search engine optimization for your Las Vegas business once your brand-new website has been completed.

Increase Google Rankings Through Relevant Keyword Rankings

There are many search engines, the biggest one being Google. Google has a job of ranking all of the Internet’s websites in their search engine. They do this through a variety of different means. The search engine Google determines how relevant your website is based on what the customer is searching for on the Internet. When Google and other search engines decide that your website is relevant for the customers keywords that they are searching for then your website traffic will start to increase. This is because your rankings online are moving up higher in the search engines.

Receiving an increase of traffic to your website is why search engine optimization is talked about so frequently. Without search engine optimization you cannot have lots of website traffic which basically comes down to sales. If you think about it this way, the reason you developed a new website in the first place is to help get your website and your company noticed.

If your website is not noticed then why even have a website in the first place? Unfortunately there are many businesses that just want websites designed but they are not willing to invest in search engine optimization packages which will now do their company no good of even having the website.

Factors Involved With Search Engine Optimization:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Well Written Content
  • Updated Blog Posts
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Business Directory Listings
  • Consistant Business Information

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is one of the biggest factors with search engine optimization. The on page optimization are things like your website content, website speed, back link structure, site map, title tag and meta-tag optimization so on and so forth.

The benefit of working with Las Vegas Web Design Co is that we take care of all of the on page optimization factors for you absolutely free of charge when we are developing a new website for your company. We fully optimize all of our website design projects even if we are not going to optimize them to the top of Google with our search engine optimization services.

Well Written Content

The only thing that is not fully included with the on page optimization that will still need to be implemented with search engine optimization is to have a lot of well written content. Yes of course your new website comes with full content and it’s a fully completed website but we normally do not include hundreds of high-quality blog posts for our clients when developing just a website.

Updated Blog Posts

However, when going with one of our SEO packages we can now optimize your site even further in regards to the content optimization by creating a blog or article section on your website and updating it frequently. Now let’s go over some of the off page optimization factors that are the even bigger part of SEO marketing.

Off Page Optimization

While the on page optimization factors are looking at the website itself the off page optimization factors are subjects that really only SEO companies know about. To put it in general terms 95% of SEO marketing really comes to the off page optimization. In order to fully optimize a website you need other high-quality back links pointing to your business website. There are hundreds of thousands of different links out on the web and it’s important that you are receiving a large percentage of these links pointing to your website.

Niche Specific Backlinks

All of the SEO marketing services that we offer for Las Vegas are all niche specific back links. This is a good thing because you do not want generic based or non related links pointing to your website.

Business Directory Listings

If you have a local business here in Las Vegas, Nevada one really good way to start getting your brand known online and also receiving website traffic is by submitting your website to the different directory listings. These directory listings are for businesses in local areas and they are also called citations. It’s important that your business is listed with a lot of high quality citation directory websites.

Consistent Business Information 

But it is not enough to just list your business on the sites it is imperative to make sure that all of the information about your business is completely consistent through all of these online directories. For example, you can submit your name address and phone number to these business listings on a regular basis. We highly recommend that the name website address phone number etc. are always consistent on all of these different websites.

As a matter of fact Las Vegas Web Design does offer citation directory building services as part of our SEO marketing package. Any company that needs their website to the top of the search engines for the Las Vegas, Nevada area can do so with our package. This is what we were discussing earlier, Google really favors those websites online that have consistent citations for their business. The more of the citation directories and the more consistent they are the more reliable your business will seem to Google.

We also recommend using your exact company name on all of these business listings and never try stuffing keywords to the listings. This also goes hand-in-hand when submitting your company to the Google my business section. Our company name for example is Las Vegas Web Design Co On all of the listings on the web it says exactly that with nothing else added. Please make sure that you are not adding in keywords or extra names to your listings or else it can end up having a detrimental effect on your website rankings.


LasVegasWebDesignCo has been offering search engine optimization services since 2007 and has many top-ranked clients across the United States. We truly are experts with website design and Las Vegas local SEO marketing. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about citation building services or any on page optimization factors.