How to Go About Designing a Search Engine Optimized Website?

Search engines can explore and read the pages of a site that are properly search engine optimized. Thus the first thing that you should be concerned about while making a website is making sure that the site is visible in search engine results. You must be careful and plan your approach as to how you would like your business to be presented through the website. Now it is somewhat difficult always to write down your exact services in simple words.

Few key factors you should keep in mind when building a website that is also well optimized for search engines. They are as follows:


Your site may use the provided domain, but you are free to use others according to your preference as well. However, you must ensure that your domain is relatable to the kind of services that you provide. You must make sure that all the domains and sub domains remain co-related to your product or services. Choosing the right domain service is important to ensure that your website can easily be located in the search engines. You must opt for a reputed domain provider as the domain that is used for the site would influence the amount of traffic you get in the long run.


Hosting is another key factor while designing your web site. Your users will not be happy if they have to suffer due to your site loading slowly. Be audience oriented and make your site according to that. Paid hosting is always a better option when you are trying to use the website for your business promotion. A site hosted on a paid platform has a better chance of getting a ranking and visibility through the search engines. You can easily rely on your professional experts for giving you the right advice regarding hosting of the website. Las Vegas SEO will provide you with all the professional help required for you to get a properly optimized website.


Content management system or CMS is what plays a major role in your business and how successful it will become in the long run. The most popular option that comes to mind is WordPress. Now, of course, it is popular for a reason and the fact that is it build in a way that Google, the biggest search engine in the world can easily read, definitely helps but it is not the only one available. However, it is a good choice for beginning your business for sure. Now, of course, the quality of the content that you are using matters in the success of the website. The entire content management system should focus on generating quality and unique content. This way you can hold the attention of your readers and influence them. A website with good content helps in grabbing the attention of the audience and ensures that you have a dedicated group of users who would keep coming back to your site and thus build a consistent traffic source as well.

Crawling and accessibility of the site:

Crawling is basically what a search engine does when it goes through your website. You most certainly need to make sure that a search engine can easily crawl your site and read through the pages so that it can optimize your ranking.


For a search engine to understand the content of your site, it needs to read your contents first. So you should always make the basics of your site based on text and not flash or images or videos. Even if they may seem to be a better choice in grabbing the attention of the viewer, you need to keep the core content text based.

Link structure tool:

This tool helps in analyzing and optimizing the structure of your web page. For you to optimize your website beyond just your homepage, you need to have proper link structure.

The number of pages and the necessity of the pages are the primary factors in page and site structures. However, a website which has a proper and clean site structure is easier to navigate, and hence the people viewing the website would be able to perform their tasks easily. Also the loading time and whether the website can be smoothly accessed from different devices and browsers too matters when you consider the structuring of the site.

Site structure:

There are various approaches that you can take while considering website structure and architecture. While some may prefer a deeper approach, others simply don’t. It all comes down to personal preferences. However, the key factor here is that the whole thing needs to be organized neatly for your website to make sense to the viewer.


Your content is king, but they need to be linked with URLs. That is why you need to give more variety of contexts for both human search and search engines.


His is another key factor and is an equally essential ingredient in cooking up the perfect website for your business. A well-built website will always be easier to navigate and makes the visitor inclined to explore the various aspects of the site.