How to Generate Authoritative & Online Friendly Content as an SEO Expert

Search engine optimized articles are different from ordinary articles. These articles are primarily written to gain visibility on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. For your business to have more visitors than before, you must give web users fresh and informative content on a regular basis.

However, there are certain rules that you must adhere to when generating content that you want to give you greater prominence online. This post is meant to give you tips on how to create content that is good enough to bring more traffic to your site and make search engines like Google and Yahoo find you and rank you highly.

So, let’s jump right in;

  • Create a rough draft of your article

Search engine optimization articles should be professionally written; they should be engaging, informative and above all unique. A good hook for you as an SEO expert to make those articles worth reading is to make them useful but still entertaining.Therefore, come up with a suitable article – one that is catchy and relevant – search for relevant information and come up with good points that will make your article flow well. Lastly, figure out your conclusion point and finish your articles on a powerful note.

  • Understand what keywords are and use them correctly

There have been countless arguments about keyword placement. While some say that the keyword should constitute 3% of your word count, others say that you need to mention the keyword severally in the article. However, the best trick is to mention the keyword once in the article title and twice in the article body.

What is even more important is making your keywords relevant to the rest of the article. For example, you cannot use plastic surgery as your keyword when your entire article is about home improvement. Trying to sneak in keywords in your article will not work, at least not with Google!

  • Write your article

Now that you have a rough draft and a list of keywords that you want to use, start writing your article. Give your article a title and ensure that the title has your keyword in it. Then go ahead and write your introduction, your article body and conclusion, making sure that you place your keywords correctly.

When writing your article, ensure that it’s grammatically correct, with no spelling or punctuation mistakes. In addition to this, make your sentences and paragraphs short. You should also use numbers and bullet points to make the article easy to read and appealing to readers who have no time to read the entire article.

  • Make the article length right

Other that writing an authoritative, informative and entertaining article, you must make it the right length. Even though there is no specific word count as per Google and other search engines, you should know that shorter articles and blogs of not more than 700 words are preferred. They are also appealing to the readers because no one wants to read a lengthy and boring article; at least not online. Therefore, if possible, write shorter articles more often and post regularly.

  • Link up your article

Writing a good search engine optimized article and posting it on different article directories is not enough. Ensure that you share a link to your article on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Basically, let the world know about it.

Another option of linking up your articles is making your keywords clickable. For example hyperlinked keywords are perfect for directing people to your website and boosting traffic in the long run.

  • Make your article an easy to share one

If you want Google, Yahoo and Bing to find you worth ranking, these search engines should find your articles shared widely on other sites. The more the article is shared, the more publicity it gets and the more attention to your website.

In conclusion, take a look at other websites in your niche. Go through their web content pieces at least to have an idea of what you should put out there. Most importantly, never forget that when it comes to search engine optimization, content is and will always be king!