HashTag This HashTag That

Too much of a good thing can be bad right? When you are on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you may see posts full of hashtags. These posts may look something like this: #webdesign #SEO etc. While hashtags are an excellent way to market your products or services it is not wise to use too many hashtags in your social media posts.

No More Than Three Hashtags Per Post

What we recommend to our clients is that they should include one to three hashtags per social media post. Three hashtags is the maximum amount each social media post should include. When you see social media posts and at the bottom they are full of 15 to 25 hashtags it is easy to see that they are just trying to mass market the specific post on the search engines and social media sites. There have been many studies that show that the less amount of hashtags used, the more amount of visit and searches that post will receive. We recommend that are clients use hashtags, but use them sparingly.

What LasVegasWebDesignCo.com Highly Recommends Is The Following:

  • Post Consistently On Social Media Pages
  • Include Relevant Information In Each Post
  • Include One To Three Hashtags In Each Post
  • Include An Attention Grabbing Photo In Each Post
  • Make Post Content Unique
  • Make Post Content Easy To Relate To

We Can Give You More Social Media Posting Tips

Learn more about our social media optimization services by visiting Las Vegas Web Design Co.com we can help your business gain the maximum exposure online with our social media and Internet marketing services.