Google Authorship Updates

There are so many articles and blog posts and news feeds it can be hard to know which of these have high credibility and which ones do not. It is important to make sure that all of the content and information that you put out on the web about your product or service has high credibility. The search engines have the job of weeding through all of this information to see which sites have the most credible information. Websites that have high quality content have a higher trust factor and will be rewarded higher.

One of the ways that Google does this is by seeing who the author is of the content. If Google will trust one of the authors wrote the content then they are going to trust the content itself. It just makes sense. If the author of your content has been around for years and has a high trust factor and a lot of likes and a lot of people are talking about that author Google is going to play a high emphasis on that person. The content that he then writes also has a high trust factor and the content itself in the websites that it links to in the content will be rewarded.

Feel free to visit these below websites to learn more about the Google authorship and how they can be applied and implemented into your business.

It is important for you as a business owner to make sure that you have a high Google authorship in your particular field and work arena. By doing so you will not only provide other businesses and clients with good content that is shareable but it will also help you improve your search engine ranking.


When you do have a high Google authorship your content is indexed on the search engines very fast and the sites are always indexed with other back link checking tools. To some all of this up, if you do things right and correctly and provide people with really good high-quality information over time you’ll become a trusted author in your particular niche and Google will end up trusting you as an author. This will then improve your website rankings and help your business flourish.