How To Get Higher Las Vegas Rankings… That Any Business Can Afford

If you have a business here in Las Vegas Nevada and you are wondering how you can increase your website rankings and increase your business on a year-to-year basis but don’t have a large budget to do so please read through the following tips to get your business where you needed to be. If you have studied Internet marketing and SEO marketing over the years you probably noticed that it has been becoming more and more complicated. There are in fact many companies that have given up on SEO marketing because they feel there just are too many things to keep track of. While things have become more difficult and more complicated there are still plenty of Google friendly tactics to rank a website up high. Keep in mind that just because things have been becoming more complicated doesn’t mean that things are becoming more expensive. This is also true for Las Vegas Nevada businesses. The reason we say this is because if you have a local business that needs local SEO Las Vegas rankings than you are only going to be competing with other companies in Las Vegas. This is a tremendous benefit because now you are not competing against the thousands of other businesses that are across the United States of America. All we are now doing for your Las Vegas business is competing against the other companies in your same location.

Target Specific Niche Keywords

Let’s give you an example of what we are talking about. Let’s say for example you have a Las Vegas law firm here in Nevada and you need to improve your online presence. There is absolutely no need and no reason for you to invest a tremendously high amount of money to rank for global type of Google searches. In fact all that is needed is to rank for your Las Vegas searches. Your targeted niche keywords might be something like Las Vegas law firm, Las Vegas lawyers, best attorneys in Vegas etc.

Include A Lot Of Content On Your Website

So now that we know and you understand that we are only targeting local Google searches and not national and global searches now we can move into a few steps on what you can do for your business to help increase your website presence. One of the things that we tell all of our clients is to focus and put a lot of content on your website. This does not have to be a time consuming task and honestly is not that difficult. If you have the Dragon naturally speaking software you can actually talk into a microphone and it will type it out onto a Word document. From there you can copy and paste that document onto your website. Instead of spending one hour to do an article about your business you can now accomplish it in a matter of five minutes.

Key Things Your Website Should Include:

  • Many Niche Back Links
  • Be A Responsive WordPress Website
  • Have Site Maps
  • Have On page optimization
  • Have Relative Meat-Descriptions
  • Have Relative Title Tags
  • Have Relative Image Tags
  • A Lot Of Content
  • Many Different Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Article Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos

Here at Las Vegas Web Design we highly recommend  that our clients write relevant content for their website. We also recommend doing a weekly blog or article post. Blog posts and article posts can be placed under a separate blog section on your website or you can named news, blogs, recent updates, tips or information. In addition to adding blogs and posting updated articles, adding photos and/or videos enhances your website.

Citations For Your Business

Besides writing great content and targeting your local searches like what we discussed previously the next recommendation and tip that we recommend for your business is, to make sure that your citations are set up correctly. We recommend companies in Las Vegas to build up your citations for your business. These are simply websites that have your company name, phone number, address, website and maybe even a few pictures that you may wish to include. A local citation is basically a directory listing for your website things like Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Yelp and Google my business listings. By building up your local citations as well as adding more content to your website on a weekly basis, these two things can have a tremendous impact on your business.

Consistent Business Information

One thing to really make sure you do correctly when setting up your business citations is, to make sure that all the information that you are putting out on these directory websites are all exactly the same. Google really favors the consistency on these citation listings and we recommend that you list out your address and phone number and company name and the exact same on all of these different directories.

Positive Reviews And Google Three Pack Listing

The next step that we can offer for your Las Vegas business is to make sure that you have positive online reviews for your business. Having good positive reviews has a large impact with SEO rankings as well as your Google three pack listing. There have been many reviews and studies showing that customers that see a high five out of five or four out of five star rating really has a positive impact on a buying decision. Receiving more positive reviews for your business is as easy as contacting some of your customers and including a link to some of the review sites like your Google my business listing and your Yelp page. You can offer them something like 15% off your next purchase if you leave us a positive review on these websites. This is something that we also do here at LasVegasWebDesignCo.

Social Media

Depending on your business and what you specialize and having a positive social media influence can also be a really good addition for your business. While having social media accounts and posts and likes doesn’t directly affect your SEO marketing it does have other good impacts for your business. We typically recommend that our clients run their own social media campaigns because no one knows your business like you do.

Our SEO Marketing Experts Can Get Your Las Vegas Website Higher Rankings!

If your Las Vegas business needs some boosting online and if you are looking for more customers follow these simple tips and you will recieve more customers and more website traffic on a month-to-month basis. We fill that to these few tips that we just discussed are some really good ways for you to increase your business without spending a fortune. Please feel free to contact Las Vegas Web Design if you are in need of a top rated Las Vegas SEO expert company that can help dominate your business. For one full decade we have been dominating the search engine rankings and have many happy clients with top listings in the search engines. Fill out our contact form to learn what we can do for your Las Vegas website now!