How To Fix Your Las Vegas Google Plus Listings

Let’s go over a few ways that we can implement Google plus into our business to help bring more truck targeted traffic to our website first off we want you to know that Google plus is now called GMB which stands for, Google my business. If you have a local business that offers a product or service and you are currently not listed with Google my business also known as Google plus you are really suffering. We highly recommend getting on the Google three pack listing or your keywords in the city or cities that you offer your service. It is extremely important that you are up to date and active on Google maps and on your that your Google Plus account. Staying up to date on Google maps and Google Plus is simple, all you need to do is to regularly post more information about your company. Many potential customers go through Google plus pages and read reviews and feedback about a company before deciding to call them.

When you are optimizing and dealing with Google plus and Google maps it is important that all of your information is up to date and readily available. If you have an outdated phone number or outdated website and you are losing a large amount of business. Las Vegas Web Design highly recommends completely filling out the Google three pack listing information.

Two Key Factors To Succeed With Local SEO Marketing:

  1. A Fully Completed Google Maps Listing
  2. A Search Engine Optimized Website

Continually Optimizing Your Website

In addition to just having your Google plus account ranked up high for the Google map section and having excellent reviews about your company it is also imperative that you are continually optimizing your website. We have found that high Google map listings and Internet marketing rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo go hand-in-hand. Some companies get into the habit of putting in keywords for their business name instead of just their company name. While this might work temporarily, the long-term effects can be extremely detrimental. You do not want to do anything that might hurt your rankings in the long run. By doing Google friendly tactics your website will never drop keyword rankings.

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