Even More Website Design Trends For 2017

You have probably read through our previous guide and informational post in regards to the top website design trends for 2017. We like to inform all of our Las Vegas companies what to expect on a year-to-year basis. There have been even more trends that you should be looking out for in regards to website development. Let’s go over a few of these 2017 website design trends that should be incorporated into your business.

Website development is not something that stays stagnant for very long. There are many new and exciting ways to develop stunning websites for businesses. For this year of 2017 we want to go over a few of these fine additions that can be incorporated to just about any website.

Quick Website Load Times

One of these additions and subjects is in terms of lazy loading. What exactly is lazy loading? Let us try and explain what lazy loading is and how it can be incorporated into many different websites to help increase the website speed. As we know, Google really favors the websites that have a very fast load time typically somewhere around three seconds or less. If your website load time is around eight seconds, is not mobile responsive but has really good SEO work done on it, it still is not going to be performing well. It is incredibly vital to make sure that your website is set up correctly before you engage in any sort of Internet marketing campaign. Quick website load times is key to keeping potential customers from leaving your website right away. We want to make sure that our website speed, layout, user friendliness, mobile friendliness etc. is all incorporated before we start driving traffic to the website.

Lazy Load Feature

So let us get back to a few of these 2017 website design trends. The lazy load feature is something that we recommend especially for large business websites with lots of images. Images, while they are professional and enhance a website, they can have a few drawbacks. One such drawback is that too many large files on the website does tend to slow a website down dramatically. For 2017 there have been additional lazy load features that really have made this issue just about gone. When you have the lazy load technology on your business website now your images will only load for your user right before they are going to see the image. There were a few issues in the past with the lazy load feature but now for 2017 it has become a seamless experience for the viewers that are visiting your website. By allowing the images to load right before they come into the viewpoint so to speak, it allows your site speed to increase dramatically.

The other way to go about loading a website is to load the entire page at the beginning. If you have 3000 words on your homepage and 15 different images then it is a lot of content to load all at once. By having the lazy load feature it allows you to still have a large corporate business website with lots of features and content including images and videos. But now your website speed will stay incredibly fast and quick.

Flat Website Design

Another feature that we want to go into for 2017 website design trends is what is referred to as flat designs. A flat design could also be called a minimalist website. In years past we noticed that many websites were full of flashy pop-ups, animations, distractions of all sorts. Instead of overwhelming your viewers with all of this complicated mess, 2017 websites really are going for a more minimalist look. If you visit our main website Las Vegas Web Design Co.com you will notice that we have incorporated not only the lazy load feature into our website but also the flat design.

Streamlined Website Flow

There is nothing more frustrating when you are trying to find something in particular but you are being bombarded with all sorts of illustrations and pop-ups. We have actually focused on the flat design for years. There are many reasons why we stick to the flat design for not only our own company website but for most of our clients. We prefer to have a very streamlined flow and easy to use website experience.

Mobile Friendly Website

We are sure you know another 2017 website design trend which is the mobile trend but we want to cover the subject anyways. With more and more people using their mobile device on a frequent basis it’s become incredibly important to make sure that your website is responsive. Believe it or not there are actually more than 1 billion mobile users throughout the world. If you think that you can have an outdated website that is not mobile responsive, well think again. As a matter of fact there are many individuals, around 30% that only use a mobile device and never use a desktop or laptop computer.

Video Backgrounds

There are many new website design trends but we have covered many of them in one of our previous article posts. There is one more that we really want to focus on because this has become a highlight for 2017. No longer do you have to have a slideshow image banner on the homepage of your website. It is actually becoming more advanced and many tech savvy website developers are incorporating video backgrounds instead.

Instead of having a slideshow, for example, three images on the homepage of your website, we can now incorporate video backgrounds instead. This is been a very catchy trend and many website development companies are incorporating video backgrounds into their own corporate website. By having a video as the background and not just a static image, it really is an engaging way to attract your customer. You only have a few seconds when a visitor views your website. There have been many studies that show that it’s only a matter of seconds. Either the viewer is going to be attracted and want to stay and learn more about your business website or they will be turned off and go to another website. It is of utmost importance to make sure that all of your website traffic is receiving the highest conversion rate possible.

Las Vegas Web Design Co.com Is Eager To Create Your Trendy Website 

There are hundreds of website development updates that are being made on a frequent basis. For 2017 we have covered some of the main updates in regards to website design. Websites are becoming better and faster each and every year. Las Vegas Web Design Co.com is constantly improving their website development strategies on a month-to-month basis. The website development techniques that we offer for our clients are of supreme quality. We are eager to get started on your website project!