Essential WordPress Plugins For Websites

We have talked about this many times but we want to go more in depth about the different WordPress plug-ins that are available for word press specific websites. You are probably aware that our company Las Vegas web design chooses to work with WordPress on 95% or more of our website design projects.

We would like to go into some of the top plug-ins that you can use for your business website. Keep in mind that generally speaking the less plug-ins the better, you do not want to have so many plug-ins on your website that it slows your website speed down. However, there are some essential plug-ins that we recommend for most businesses.

We recommend going with the company that is called Get Fly because they actually do all of the caching and the security updates for you on a day-to-day basis.

Let's go over a few reasons why the visual composer is one of the top recommended plug-ins that you can implement into any WordPress website. It can be difficult when you have a lot of text and images to know how to properly layout your website page. With the visual composer page builder you can actually use any of the pre-built page templates that this system has. No matter what type of page you are trying to create you can create the exact layout easily by using any of the few dozen of the preset templates that the visual composer tool uses.

As we mentioned before you can create just about any website and website page with no HTML or CSS experience. One of the best things is that this visual composer is not limited to certain WordPress themes. It is actually compatible with all of the mainly available themes online. Visit their website here: Visual Composer Plugin. Many companies are also worrying about the mobile responsive issue. With WordPress and with the visual composer plug-in you no longer have to worry about fully responsive website design as this comes already done for you.

With this drag-and-drop visual composer page builder you can easily add new elements to your website and use preset templates and use hundreds of different add-ons that comes with the system.

This is not a free plug-in like many of the word press plug-ins are, but for a low fee you can purchase this and it will stay for the lifetime of your website. Another fantastic option with the visual composer plug-in is that many of the top WordPress themes now come with the plug-in absolutely free. Let's see you spend around $60 for a WordPress theme, on many of these themes you will not have to purchase the visual composer separately but it's included for the $60 theme purchase.

Another highly recommended plug-in that we recommend is called the Yoast SEO Plugin. With the Yoast as SEO plug-in you can fully optimize your website for the search engines. We all know, if you are going to spend thousands on a high-quality website it doesn't do you much good unless you are receiving a lot of traffic to that particular website URL. With the Yoast SEO plug-in you can tackle all of your search engine optimum optimization needs.

The Yoast SEO allows you to analyze your pages, go over your rich snippets, create XML site maps, social media integration etc. there are other search engine optimization plug-in tools for but from our experience we recommend this plug-in more than the other plug-ins that are available. Even better, this tool is absolutely free and only takes a few minutes to install and get set up correctly.

There are other really good tools like the W3 total cache that allows you to speed up your website very easily. There are other security plug-ins you can install like the Word Fence security plug-in that are also highly recommended. However, instead of installing many of the different plug ins we actually recommend bypassing all of these and getting a managed WordPress hosting setup instead.

WordPress Is The Most Popular Content Management System

WordPress as you might know is actually the most popular website development platform online. It is an open source software and is a fantastic content management system for individuals and large corporations.A few months ago we posted that word press actually has taken up about 25% of all websites online. When you compare all of the websites and website platforms online and realize that WordPress takes up 25% of all websites it is an extremely high number. There are many dedicated communities that strictly work with WordPress and they are constantly improving the WordPress platform on a day-to-day basis. They are not only improving WordPress but primarily working with the plug-ins.


There are thousands of plug-ins available and out of all of them we recommend the Yoast SEO plug-in and the visual composer page builder as some of our top options. If you have any plug-ins that you have used and have experience with please let us now and we would be glad to add them to this list.