How To Dominate Google Search Results In 2017

Since its inception, Google has offered organic, most relevant and the simplest search results. For quite too long, Google worked in a seamless way, predicting the most accurate results for every slotted keyword. With growth of the search engine and continuous increase in client base, thongs became different. No longer could Google sustain its accuracy in predictions without making necessary changes. That led to the birth of several, what we know as Google Algorithm updates. Today, the world has accepted such changes with many businesses trying to fit in. If you are one of those businesses using SEO as a marketing strategy, 2017 can be a great year for you. To dominate Google’s search results in 2017, you will need to learn the inside secrets. This article provides you exactly that!

Authoritative Profile

Companies with healthy profiles characterized by quality links coming from quality content will have reasons to smile in the coming year. Google is concerned about the links of the sites connecting to you and the relevance of the associated sites. In 2017, sites with IP-diverse links will be favoured. Multiple links coming from a single source are likely to raise suspicions so you might want to avoid them.

Gain Google’s Trust

It may sound so simple but many businesses have lost the SEO battle by trying to beat search engines in their own game. Using black-hat SEO techniques might promise you quick results may promise you quick results but the delivery of such is never guaranteed. Building trust with search engines is going to be critical if you have hopes of winning the SEO race in 2017. With so many Algorithm updates, you do wouldn’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the table.

Quality is the name of the game

Ever since, quality has always trumped quantity and that is not just about to change. In the past, business owners have been worried about pushing a certain amount of content within a specified period. Instead of stressing yourself about the numbers, you should stop to ask yourself if you are providing quality to your customers. With the recent Panda Algorithm update, many who are focusing on quantity will miss it out!

Step up the Mobile Game

For site that won’t be highly responsive in 2017, you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Recently, Google mobile searches have been outpacing desktop searches and the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Google has been able to launch the Accelerated Mobile Pages project in the past. If you want to conform to Google wishes and build a better future for your SEO efforts, establishing a mobile first design will have to be an integral component of that mission.

Time to gain

2016 might not have been a good year for your as far as SEO services are concerned. The choice to make 2017 a better year is in your hands. With these tips, you will be a step ahead in realising your dreams.