Dominant SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

If you have stayed long enough in the SEO world, you probably know that it is all about staying ahead your competitors; at least one step ahead. By understanding the rapid changes carried out by search engines and adjusting properly for the same, you stand better chances of dominating the SEO race. For 2017, anyone with hopes of dominating the top search engine result pages must know, understand, and be able to analyses the prominent trends. So which trends are likely to dominate the SEO arena in 2017?

The Rise of Comprehensive Content

Recent SEO trends have promoted dense contents. In the past, it was all about writing short fluffy contents, with less focus on meaning and quality. Algorithms changed and people realised that wasn’t getting them anywhere. In the past few years, we have experienced a surge of lengthy contents. The market is already flooded with such contents and a new trend is likely to emerge. Search engine will only be concentrating on contents with as much information as possible. If you want to dominate Google in 2017, you must focus on ‘dense’ contents that not only provide meaning but also value to your customers.

More changes from Machine Learning

Google Rank Brain was launched in late 2015 and it opened doors for algorithmic machine learning. Google might have went silent about it in 2016 but that doesn’t mean 2017 will be left out. A similar update is likely overdue next year. It will not be a big surprise when machine learning will be introduced in other critical areas like data interpretation and marketing automation.

Be keen on User Experience

For as long as I am aware, user experience has remained an integral part of SEO. It has been seen that search engines favour sites that are highly optimised for mobile usage, have better load speeds and fewer bounce rates. It is expected that 2017 will see even greater focus on user experience optimisation with close relations to mobile usage. The continuous and anticipated rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages is already a clear indication of this.

Personal Branding will be Key

The past few years have seen people downplay the role of personal branding in fostering effective SEO campaigns. Many experts offering SEO services USA don’t seem to realise the importance of effective personal branding. Unfortunately, they have passed this suicidal belief to their customers. What so many people seem not to have realised is that ideal personal branding puts one at better positions of securing guest posts, establishing trust with users and even driving massive traffic to your site. Recent trends have even seen social media sites like Facebook restructuring their algorithms in favour of individual post at the expense of branded ones. You might want to watch out and take necessary measures if your company is still lagging behind in personal branding.

2017 is the year to reap big from search engine optimization. With critical analysis of these trends, you can soar to greater heights of SEO dominance.