Different Ways To Use Screaming Frog For SEO

There are many different online website tools that a company can use for search engine optimization purposes. Some tools show your website back links and some website tools show the amount of traffic your website receives on a month-to-month basis. One unique tool that we want to talk about is the screaming frog tool that is made for search engine optimization purposes. Click on the link below to find out more about the screaming frog tool:

Different Ways To Use Screaming Frog For SEO

There are some companies that believe that SEO does not have to be technical and that just about anyone can do it, while others say that technical skills are absolutely necessary in order to do the job correctly. In our opinion there are technical sides to marketing and non-technical sides of marketing that can easily be trained to an individual.

Some of the technical aspects of a website are things like this: How is your website crawled by Google, how many of your pages are indexed and what is your domain and page rank authority. What is your anchor text and keyword density percentages etc. some of the more non-technical aspects might be things like; updating blog content postings, updating your website with new images, updating your home page title tags etc.

The screaming frog tool can be very beneficial for checking out your URLs of the website. You want to make sure that you do not have any broken links on your website. With this tool you can figure out which pages on your site are not redirecting properly and get those fixed so that your website will then get crawled properly by Google and the search engines.

Easily Edit Website Pages

Making sure that your website has unique meta-titles and descriptions is also extremely important. With the screaming frog tool it allows you to locate which pages have missing titles and descriptions and also which pages have duplicate titles. This allows you to easily find which pages need to be worked on and then you can easily edit it from the word press admin side of your website.

Simply Select Which Pages Are Crawled By Google

Many companies fail to submit a site map to Google and they fail to create one properly. While you can set up your own WordPress site map easily with something like the Yoast plug-in you can also use the screaming frog tool which allows you to do the same sort of thing. With the screaming frog tool you can select which pages you want crawled by the search engines and adjust it as necessary.

Filter Through Website Images Quickly

Another reason that we recommend the screaming frog tool is because you can go through all of your website images quickly. Making sure that your site images have the correct format and that they are all condensed as much as possible can really have a tremendous impact on your website performance. Making sure that your website speed is fast and loads properly is extremely important. With the screaming frog tool we can also optimize the image file names which are good SEO optimization techniques.

View Website Back Links

And other such tool that we highly recommend even more than the screaming frog tool is the ahrefs.com search engine optimization tool. With this tool we can look at the most important factors such as your website back links and your keyword traffic. In our opinion these are the most important aspects to look at when you are thinking of optimizing a new website or current website for keywords online.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these tools and we would be more than happy to help you. We have used many tools over this past decade and have a lot of experience with WordPress plug-ins and the various search engine optimization tools out on the web.