Differences Between Popularity And Authority

There have been many Google updates over the years and one of such was done by Matt Cutts which addressed the recent authority verse popularity questions. These are two different subjects, we will explain what each of them are in very basic terms.


You can think of the website popularity as the traffic statistics of the website. If your website receives 1000 views per day this could be considered a popular website because a lot of traffic is being sent towards the website on a day-to-day basis. If you think of a popular person you will think of them as always having many people around them. This is the same as the popularity of a website as far as Google is concerned. In addition to just the number of visitors Google also takes into account the amount of time visitor spends on the website in which pages they are viewing.


Now the second item which is the authority of a website is more about the contents and the substance that the website produces. There really is no cheap way or fast freeway to go around the authority of the website. To have an authoritative website you must have high quality content and by having such others will naturally be linking to you.

What Does Google Think About A Website’s Popularity And Authority?

Mac cuts has said multiple videos that they Google algorithm is looking at the links that a website has and also what percentage is actually talking about that search. To make this simpler and to help you understand let’s say you go to Google.com. You go to Google and type in a search like Las Vegas WordPress web design. When you do this you will see 10 websites on page 1, 10 websites on page 2, 10 websites on page 3 so on and so forth. So if you look at those top websites on page 1 of Google when you type in Las Vegas web design, how many of these companies in this category actually have links pointing to their website that actually talk about Las Vegas web design? If the website has 50 other authoritative websites linking to it and those websites are all talking about website design, Internet marketing improvements, WordPress updates, business growth etc. then Google is going to give a high authoritative place and trust on that website.

Another way to look at is this. If one of those Las Vegas web design companies only has three back links that actually talks about design work, and all other links referred to the automobile industry and that care then Google isn’t going to place a high authority on that particular website. It’s incredibly important to make sure that you are always striving to have a popular and authoritative website not only in Google’s eyes but in your audience’s eyes as well.

Our Las Vegas Web Design Co.com Specialty

One of the specialties that we offer here in Las Vegas not only what we have done for our own website for what we have done and continue to do for our clients is this. We write relevant content that is industry-specific your business and get this content published on other relative sites. By doing so, we will help your website gain maximum trust in Google’s eyes and at the same time be providing fantastic content for hundreds of readers. We truly are experts with website popularity and developing authority topic specific content for Las Vegas businesses.