How To Create High Quality Social Media Business Posts

Well it is known that social media only has about a 2% to a 5% factor on the search engine rankings like Google and Yahoo it still has many other benefits. Knowing how to create high quality shareable content is of high importance. Let’s go over a few ways that your business can create high quality social media post the other companies and people will want to share.

Include Relevant Pictures

Without a doubt having pictures are worth more than words alone. There is a saying that says pictures are worth 1000 words. This is definitely true a social media marketing. Text is written everywhere on the web but what really engages and audiences to see pictures that relate and create an interest. One way to write and post really good social media posts is to not only offer advertisements but ask questions and encourage others to give their input.

Consistently Post New Content

We recommend posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. These are some of the main sites that can really boost your website performance. Believe it or not, you can actually post the same post on Facebook twitter and Google plus. We recommend writing a really good posts included with pictures content. As well as posting pictures including even a few questions can catch your audiences attention.

Post Current Promotions

Posting current business promotions such as discounts, free products etc. is an excellent way to get more potential customers to visit your website.

Add Hashtags 

A newer trend is by adding hashtags to your posts. Hashtags are a fabulous way to reach out to potential customers. Keep hashtags short and straight to the point. Don’t use more than two per update. Hashtags can be single words for example or two words combined. Never use more than three different hashtags for each Social Media posts. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your content.

  •  Tracking Performance And Engagement

By adding your own hashtags, you can track how often and how many people are liking your product or brand. All posts are categorized under that specific hashtag. Searching to see recent feed back is very simple.

  •  Reaching Out To Potential Customers

The Internet is very vast and has many different connections forming all over it. Adding unique hashtags to posts makes it easier to see all the responses compiled into one specific place. Adding custom hashtags makes it possible for users to comment with a specific brand. You can take advantage of Social Media postings by answering any questions fans or followers may be asking through posts.

  • Adding Personality

By using hashtags in posts adds a bit of personality to your company. In Social Media posts, show that your company is much more than a just a branded logo. Adding personality is essential to building a longer term relationship with your customers.

Link To Social Media Website Pages

Another thing that you can implement into your website design is including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus links in the top header section of your website. By having these social media sites on your website it will be easy for your audience to find your recent posts.

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