Complete SEO Guide For Las Vegas Businesses

There are so many SEO marketing tips nowadays it is actually very easy to get lost in the crowd and not know what you should be doing for your Las Vegas business. Since 2007 Las Vegas web design has been optimizing websites to the top of Google being an Yahoo. We have learned the hard way what works and what does not work. Before we get into this lengthy and detailed on page optimization tip guide for your Las Vegas business let us first say that we know what we are doing. If you Google keywords like Las Vegas web design or Las Vegas SEO company you will find us at the top. If you check back in two years from now you’ll also see us at the top because all of the marketing that we do is made for the long run and is all of Google friendly marketing techniques. We also have hundreds of page 1 keyword rankings that we would be happy to share with you.

SEO Marketing Tips

We will discuss a few Las Vegas search engine optimization tips now so that you can learn what you should be doing for your local business. First off it is imparative to know that there are different types of SEO and different parts that play into this type of marketing effort. Depending on what kind of business you have and what type of SEO you are looking for it will vary tremendously. A few brief overviews of different marketing techniques and on page optimization tips are things like this. How is your website structured do you have all of your keywords pointing to the homepage or do you have a separate page on your website for each different keyword or city you are located in? What kind of website pages do you actually have? Are they all content-based pages or portfolio pages? What are the type of keywords that you want your Las Vegas business to be ranked for, if you have a Las Vegas law firm and you are targeting every city in the United States or just every city and Las Vegas you need to have a lot of pages set up for each targeted keyword. We will get into the whys of this later. What about your keyword titles and your meta-description title tags and descriptions. Are they fully optimized for the right keywords and are you sure that your keywords even get monthly searches? How about your URL structure? Is it laid out clean and effectively or is it jumbled with numbers symbols and-hyphens?

We would like to discuss a lot of information step-by-step so that your Las Vegas business can use the tips discussed increase your online marketing efforts. Here at Las Vegas Web Design, we strive to simplify things, this way our tips will be easier to understand and apply to your own website.

Step 1: The Difference Between Local And National SEO

The first thing that we want to get into is talk about how national and local SEO will be vastly different from each other. We could have a separate 5000 word article on how national SEO varies compared to local SEO. With national SEO you can be targeting hundreds or even thousands of keywords across the United States. An example of national SEO could be a large jewelry store that not only has let’s say 200 locations in a particular state or different states but also sells their products across America. One of our largest marketing clients is actually Daniel’s jewelers and they have close to 90 locations in California. So what we are doing for them is targeting all 90 jewelry store locations in each city for a specific page on their website. It is important to realize that if you have 90 different keywords you can optimize all of these towards one page of the website. Local Las Vegas, Nevada SEO can also be tremendously powerful and as a matter fact even as powerful as national SEO when done correctly. What do you think it would do for a business that had 90+ locations ranked in 90 different cities in California? Pretend each city in California brought in only 100 searches per month; now times that by 90 locations and suddenly those hundred searches a month are now about 9000 searches per month!

In addition to the local SEO that we are providing for them by targeting all of these individual city pages on their website we are also targeting their national large high volume traffic keywords. Keywords like mother’s rings, high school class rings, signet rings, military rings, Navy rings.

The ways that the local and the national SEO varies for Daniel’s Jewelers is this. For each of their 90 locations in California we have a separate jewelry store page on their website that is listed for each keyword. So Riverside Plaza and Carson city California for example will each have their own jewelry store page set up on this website. Instead of mass optimizing all 90+ locations to the homepage or to one inner page we highly recommend spreading out your pages so that you are not over optimizing them.

Step 2: Have Appropriate Title Tags And Meta Tag Descriptions

On each of these 90 pages we have the appropriate title tags meta descriptions and unique content for each page that is specific for that jewelry store location. Now you do not have to have 90 locations in order to do this sort of optimization you could have let say just two or three Las Vegas locations and still implement the same marketing strategy.

Step 3: Have Separate Website Pages

If you are selling products online like the company discussed is doing we also have unique separate pages for each of their product pages. So the keyword mother’s rings has its own separate page that lists all of the mothers rings products and all of the related items that they sell related to mothers rings. This is a fantastic strategy because they have over 200 unique website pages for their different products.

Step 4: Target More Than Only Your Homepage

As a matter of fact we have brought this company from 2500 monthly searches up to 35,000 monthly searches just by optimizing these local city pages and their individual keyword product pages. Believe it or not the only traffic that is going to their homepage is their branded traffic like their company name. No longer do you have to target just the homepage of the website in order to get high rankings. As a matter of fact it’s highly recommended that you have your own separate page set up for each keyword and for each city that you offer the service in.

Step 5: Have Unique Content

We recommend that you do not just copy and paste the content from one page to another but that you have your own unique content for each separate page because this is what Google highly values. Let’s go over some of the basics now because a lot of you readers probably don’t know the power of SEO and what it will specifically do for your business. If we look at the overall goal of this sort of marketing it is without a doubt to generate leads for your business. A lead can come in different forms such as they will contact you via your email contact form, they might find your email and send you a separate email or they will give you a call off of your website phone number.

These sort of leads are highly valuable for a business and are much better than outsourcing SEO such as having a door-to-door salesman or cold calling to try to get leads. When people are contacting you for your service and they found you by your high Google rankings this is by far the best and easiest way to grow your local Las Vegas business.

Step 6: Have Website On Google Three Pack Listing

Along with being ranked on Google, Bing and  Yahoo we can also get your business ranked on the Google three pack listings which is also extremely powerful. If you type something like Las Vegas law firms you will find a map at the very top with three websites listed underneath this. Part of our on page and SEO marketing strategy is to get Las Vegas businesses ranked not only for the organic listings but also these three pack listings because they have a tremendous impact on your business.

Step 7: Follow Google’s Website Guidelines

In order to optimize a website to the very top of Google there are over 150 and some say even over 200 different signals that Google looks at in order to rank a website. Google needs to know who deserves to be at the number one position number two position number three etc. etc. etc. now instead of going into all of these hundred and 50+ different signals that Google looks at it’s best to break them into different sections and that is what we intend on doing.

Three Key Elements That May Decrease Your Website Rankings:

  1. Keyword Stuffed Content
  2. Poor Quality Back Links
  3. Non-related Or Not Enough Content

Step 8: Find A Las Vegas Web Design Company Who Also Does SEO Marketing

Find a Las Vegas web design company just off of the looks if you are trying to implement an SEO marketing strategy for your business. Yes of course the looks are great and it is important to have a really good eye catching website which is one of the services that we do but there are so many signals and factors to keep in mind. If you are not planning on optimizing your website and you only want potential viewers to see her website based on your company name and having a well optimized website really is not of great importance. However, for 90% plus of the websites we do it is vital to have your website laid out extremely well and that it is SEO friendly.

Step 9: Use WordPress As Your Website Platform

So the technical aspects of having a really well built website is without a doubt the website platform that your site is built on. We highly recommend staying away from website platforms such as, “Yola.” LasVegasWebDesignCo sticks with WordPress for many different reasons. All of the word press websites that we develop have a site map, well-written code, optimize title tags and meta-descriptions, optimize images and so forth.

Step 10: Choose Las Vegas Web Design To Assist With All Your Website Needs

Clients love our work because, all websites we create are not just designed, but fully optimized as well. We feel it is necessary to offer a full on page optimization service when any company gets a website developed. We do not feel like this needs to be an extra add-on so we have decided to do this absolutely free for all of our website design customers. When you sign up for one of our marketing packages which are generally around $1000 per month we will further optimize your website with more content and blog posts etc.

Step 11: Use Appropriate H1, H2 And H3 Title Tags

The next aspect that we want to go over is your content on your actual website. It is not enough just to have a lot of content written on the website we need to make sure that the keyword density and the content structure is laid out properly. There are H1 H2 and H3 tags that should be implemented on every page of your website but unfortunately many marketing and website design companies do not do this properly. All of the website design and search engine optimization marketing packages that we offer come with full content optimization including all of the H1 H2 and H3 tags. This is one reason why our Las Vegas websites rank so well because from the get-go they are fully optimized.

Step 12: Advertise Your Business On Social Media

The next aspect that we want to briefly touch upon is the social media in terms of how it impacts your search engine optimization performance. There are many companies that say it has a maximum of 4% of the total rankings so it’s really not that important and something that you do not need to spend hours a week on. Many companies over emphasize their social media marketing and yet they skip around the most important thing which is having your website ranked the top of Google. It is great to post high quality content on the popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but using social media alone will not increase your website rankings. Social media is important and we recommend our clients do it themselves because you know your business better than anyone else and you can be the one posting the content and images on the social sites. Pretend you have a Las Vegas home construction business; some really good posts on the social platforms would be to post images with short context blurbs of what you accomplished for this home. If you are building new homes every month why not post all of these and get lots of likes and tweets. This is a good addition to the marketing and it is something that we recommend you do yourself.

Step 13: Have High Quality Back Links Pointing To Your Website

Without a doubt and what we cannot over emphasize enough and what brings your website from page 4 at page 2 up to page 1 and then up to the top number three or top number five positions on Google is the link building. Link building campaigns are by far the most important aspect of marketing. There are so many different types of back links strategies it can get easy to get lost and not know what to do. Unfortunately, there are vent many Las Vegas businesses and in fact many companies that charge a lot of money and you low quality back link work. Google has come out with many new updates and many new algorithm updates and it’s important that you are following their guidelines so that your website can get up to the top and stay ranking.

Step 14: Make Sure Your SEO Marketing Company Does Honest Work

You might be able to hire a company that does your marketing for only $200 per month but they are doing spamming link building techniques like putting backs, blog comments, spam directories and more. All of the work that we do with Las Vegas Web Design is high quality niche link building that will help your business rankings tremendously. This is one reason why we have hundreds of top Google rankings for businesses across the United States of America. So the more back links you get to your website as long as they are high quality tells the search engines that you have a higher trusted site because lots of websites are linking to you. Another way to look at this might be by looking at these back links as votes to your website. The more votes you have the better you are going to do.

A few things we want to be very clear on is; just because you have a lot of content on your website does not mean your website will automatically rank, just because you have a lot of back links pointing to your website even if they are all do follow links does not mean that you are going to automatically rank either.

Three Elements That May Increase Your Website Rankings:

  1. Natural Looking Keywords
  2. Relative And Lengthy Content
  3. High Quality Back Links

Step 15: Use High Searched Keywords

The very first step to excellent Internet marketing is to identify the highest searched keywords for your business. Whether you are a plumber wanting to optimize your Las Vegas business to the top or a Las Vegas law firm it really does not matter. Find niche targeted keywords that will drive relevant targeted traffic to your business. We have learned this the hard way when years ago we were optimizing keywords for our own business that were not performing well. What’s the real point in spending 100 hours optimizing site if you only get one or two sales a month or even per year from? Obviously if we are going to spend money and a lot of time optimizing keywords to the top of the search engines we need to make sure that we are optimizing keywords that get a large amount of traffic and that will be large converting keywords for our business. Once we have found the proper keywords for your business then we can start targeting them. So what are some good tools and good ways to actually find what people are searching for in a month-to-month basis? We like the tools and because they show which keywords actually get the most amount of searches. Las Vegas Web Design Co. com also has its own software that we use that helps us know which keywords we should be targeting for your business.

Step 16: Use Google Ad Words As Your Keyword Planner Tool

Another thing that we should mention is there are many variations of the same keyword. Let’s say you are going after Las Vegas lawyers. There are going to be around 25 different variations of that keyword and we can optimize all 25 of these keywords to the top not just Las Vegas lawyers as an example. Another tool that we really recommend is the Google ad tool because they actually have a keyword planning platform that you can sign up for once you get a free account. It is under the keyword planner section and it is another really good tool that allows you to type in a list of keywords that you already know of and then it will give you all the related keywords to the industry. This is beneficial because it can help you target more keywords than what you might just think of off the top of your head. While we do not really recommend using Google ad words and pay per click marketing these tools do help us find good relevant keywords for our businesses.

Step 17: Never Keyword Stuff Your Website Content

So once you have gone through and I found a list of let’s say 25 keywords for your business then we recommend putting these keywords onto your website with your title tags and meta-tags and also the content for that page. It is very important not to over optimize too many keywords for one page but to keep it specific to that specific service that you offer. For example let’s look at our website Las Vegas web design we have different pages for website design, Internet marketing, website hosting, website security etc. instead of putting all these keywords and marketing all of these towards one page it’s best to spread it out so that each page has its own specific keywords and niche that we are targeting.

Step 18: Decide Which Keywords Should Be On Each Page

Once we have our entire list of keywords ready and they have not put onto our page it is also important to focus which keywords should go on which page. What I’m talking about is what you have the option of putting some keywords to target your home page or you can target an inner page to rank for a specific keyword. Generally the homepage keywords are your main keywords and also branded keywords and we normally recommend doing the inner pages for the more longtail type of keywords. There is really a lot of ways to go about doing this and if you get a hold of Las Vegas web design would be happy to help you out.

Step 19: Develop Relevant Pages For Your Website

For Las Vegas businesses that serve multiple cities what we recommend is targeting your main city to the homepage as well as your branded keywords to the homepage and then every other city that you service to a inner page. Google actually has a relevancy engine and they do not look at two or three cities as being the same type of keyword and in fact it is very difficult to optimize 2, 3, 4, 5 or even more keywords all to one page. So part of our SEO marketing is to develop relevant pages for your website that are extremely SEO friendly. If you only target one city or just Las Vegas in general then you are going to many issues but there are many different areas of Las Vegas and many businesses want to target all of these different individual areas. Once again there are many different factors that go into this sort of marketing and if you do not know exactly what to do please contact us and we love to help you out with your website marketing.

Step 20: Have Correct On Page Optimization

Now that you are targeting the right keywords for the right pages and you have all that organized on your website the next best thing is to make sure that your on page optimization is set up correctly. There are many website platforms out there that have terrible URL structure and honestly it is quite a mess. Another reason that we like a WordPress so much is because these can be completely customized URLs that are extremely SEO friendly. So for example instead of making the URL say something like “another-service-done-in-Las-Vegas/ this won’t really have any keywords in the doesn’t help your business in any way. On the other hand if you have something like Las-Vegas-law-firm-company/ this is going to be a very rich URL structure that Google really likes. This also applies to the title tag of the site and also the keywords when you are writing the content for your specific webpage.

So there really are two parts of website optimization factors. The first that we have already covered are the on page optimization tips. The second is the off page optimization tips and this is something that has really gotten trickier over the past 3 to 4 years with Google because of the penguin and other updates that they have come out with.

Most Las Vegas SEO companies can do a good job with website optimization in regards to the on page optimization but when it comes to the off page optimization and actually building high quality back links that Google values this is honestly where most companies severely fail. If you want your website to absolutely dominate the search engine rankings then once the on pages been optimized you must do quality off page optimization work. A lot of times we see a company that has only optimized their website but they have never done off page optimization so in a sense they have only done 50% of the work that needs to be done. This is where we really shine because at our roots we are a true back link building company and this is what we really have specialized in for the past 10 years.

Fortunately for us the back link building as one of the most important SEO techniques that you can implement into a website in order to get more traffic and more business. If we were not so good at our back link services our own website would be struggling right now as well. But if you Google keywords like Las Vegas web design, Las Vegas website design, Las Vegas SEO services etc. you will see us ranking at the top because we really are a true back link building company that understands how to do the job right the first time.

If you decide not to work with our company please make sure you still follow these few tips in order to make sure that your website stays fresh and clean with Google. There is no point in spending $4000-$10,000 just to have a so-called expert company ruin your website with spam links which unfortunately are far too common. It is incredibly important to make sure that your back links are niche specific have a high page rank and a high domain authority rate. Getting links from brand-new sites or sites that have negative signals does not show any trust to Google and it will not do your website a lot of good. What we really recommend is hiring a guest posting service company which is what Las Vegas web design specializes in. The reason we recommend going with high quality niche guest posts is because of these reasons below.

Step 21: Post High Quality Guest Posts Regularly

When you have natural branded links within 1000 word article this is extremely natural to Google and it does not look paid or advertised in any way. On the other hand if you have a lot of paid directory links that are just general directories these can end up getting you into trouble in the future. Having high quality niche guest posting links to your site, a minimum of 100 done is a fantastic way to boost your website rankings in terms of the off page optimization.

Step 22: Have Proper Off Page Optimization

The SEO service and package that we offer for $1000 per month is both a on page and off page website optimization service. In fact the first month we really dig in and make sure your site is completely optimized and ready to go with Google. The next month and every month after that it’s all about high quality niche guest posts and other relevant links that will help boost your site to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Step 23: Check Out Your Competition

Once we have done a lot of high quality niche guest posts then we can use our specialized marketing tools and back link checker tools to find niche high quality links that your competitors have done. If your competitors each have let’s say 60 high quality links and they are at the top of Google and they have been at the top of Google that you think adding in those 60 links each will help your website rank? It just makes sense that adding 120 links coming from those two different sites would help boost your site above theirs. Not only are you going to have is twice as much links as them now you are adding in the niche guest posts that we provide as well. On top of this you are also adding new content posts on your website on a weekly basis in the form of high-quality blog posts.

Step 24: Optimize The Specific Niche Keywords

So the Internet marketing and search engine optimization package that we offer for Las Vegas really is a lot more than just back link building. We do not just build back links and do the same type of work for every business we really focus on what your company needs in Las Vegas and will optimize it for those specific niche keywords. If you have a law firm or an automobile repair shop the type of work in the sites we will use will vary tremendously. With our 10 years of experience we know exactly what type of sites we should be targeting that will do your site the most good.


In addition to just doing these niche guest posts we are also expert keyword finders for local Vegas businesses. If you are having a hard time knowing exactly what keywords you need to target we love to help you with this. We have brought companies like White Glove Home up to the top of Google for more than 25 keywords because we were targeting so many website pages and so many keywords for that business. Rather than just targeting something like St. George home repair, we added in landscaping, home remodeling, bathroom additions, contractors etc. with these few keywords alone and with all of the variations of them we easily came up with a list of 25 keywords. Not only did we find those 25 keywords we also implemented them onto the website on two different unique pages like what we discussed earlier and we also have optimize them to the top with our niche back link building.


If you have any questions for our company we would love to help you out please contact us to learn more about our website design and search engine optimization packages. We have many websites that are ranked the top of Google and we would love to help your local business know the best marketing strategies that you need to implement. Thank you for reading and we hope this information was very helpful for your business.