Common Website Design Problems That Las Vegas Businesses Are Making

When we say LV is the best, we don’t mean the top-selling signature brand of Louis Vuitton (although, they are also the best at what they do). When you go places, LV is the best place to escape your exhausting everyday routine – Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas well deserves its popular title “Sin City.” It’s sinfully beautiful, unconventional, and downright amazing. It never fails to give people an unforgettable stay.

This is why Las Vegas is like eye candy for those who lust for wonder, freedom, and adventure. It is no wonder that businesses of all kinds flourish in this city as well.  Being the heart of Nevada’s economy and all, it’s one of the best places to set up shop – especially if you’re running a service-type business.

Las Vegas, or recently referred to as just Vegas, has a booming tourism industry. So much so, that the number of tourists outnumber the residents. This gave rise to a multitude of restaurants and entertainment centers, towering hotels and condominiums, and of course – Vegas wouldn’t be complete without its rampant and luxurious gambling facilities.

Vegas is a promising nest to grow a business and seeing how earnest you are in reading this article, I bet you’re already running one as we speak. But, it also means you’re having some sort of trouble keeping it up. The thing with big business opportunities is that you’re not the only one eyeing them.

Surely, you are clashing head-to-head with other competitors in your industry. But now is the best time to change your game – time to take your battles online.

Supposing you already have a website. Have you ever tried to check if there’s a change in your revenue from the time you didn’t have it until now that you do?

If you have, how significant are the changes?

If you haven’t, what do you hope to gain from approaching online strategies blindly?

You need the numbers. So in order to jumpstart your reign online, best have your website audited. If you’re not sure how it’s done, you can always seek professional help.

Why Do I Have To Invest So Much Time & Money For Just A Website?

Just, you say. This certain “just” can take your business from the ground up. 90% of people read reviews online before visiting an establishment. This means that 90% of the time, your website either makes you or breaks you. And, it especially won’t do its job right with a crappy design.

Using SEO or other online marketing tactics to increase site traffic is a wise decision – I’m all with you on that. But simply getting people to your website is not the end goal of your business – you need to make them feel that you’re worth the cost they are about to spend.

I hate to admit it, but appearances do matter. Think about it, would you eat at a 1,000-dollar restaurant if it looks dirt cheap? Consider your website an extension of your place of business. You need to doll it up in order to get the attention you want from people – what you need is to revamp your website design.

What Is Website Design?

When you hear the word design, you probably think of pretty colors, nice frilly fonts, and an animated background. Although all these things are a part of website design, it typically talks about one aspect of web designing. In reality, there is much more to website design than we are made aware of. It involves layout, navigation, positioning, and all those other complicated stuff we can always talk about another day.

Now, our goal for today is more focused on correcting the things your website is doing wrong. After all, we need to find the root of the problem before we can prescribe a solution. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Top 5 Problems You Probably Have With Your Las Vegas Website Design

One design template will not fit the needs of all sorts of websites. Each website is special, and special things always need a bit of extra. If you think you have failed to maintain your care for your website, chances are, they are performing poorly due to the following issues:

  1. The Design Is Outdated

The layout features, down to the widgets – looking like a website fresh from the 70’s may not work well for you. Being unique is one thing, being outdated is another. New website designs have started to lean more on to the side of the minimalist. Less clutter, more information. Also, updated websites have superior load time – especially those that have upgraded their webhost servers.

  1. Your Website Looks Non-Vegas

When you do business in a specific location, it is important to match the place’s atmosphere. Vegas isn’t called “The Sin City” for no reason. It’s a place loaded with fun, glamour, and a little bit of mayhem. If your website doesn’t know how to make a viewer’s Vegas fantasies run wild, then your design must be lacking something really important – attitude.

  1. You Haven’t Switched to Responsive Yet

If you don’t even get what “responsive” means in the world of web design, then you probably haven’t done it yet. Having a responsive website design helps your web content fit into any screen of any device your users may have. Having a design that automatically adjusts itself helps not only users but business owners as well. On top of improving user experience a lot, it gives an added convenience to the website owner. Because instead of having two separate websites, one for mobile and another for desktop browsers, you just have to manage one.

  1. Your Website Is Not User-Focused

Hold it with the “Everyone should just listen to me” kind of approach. It’s a good strategy to regularly update your website with what’s new in your business as well as posting other relevant content. However, you must also make it a place where users get to be heard too. You can launch polls, open forum discussions, put up an email for user suggestions, make a blog comment section, or whatever else you want – just give them more freedom to communicate with your business.

  1. Your Website Might Not Be The Problem – Your Designer Is

No offense to the genuinely skilled professionals out there but this is still the internet. Aside from talented individuals, scammers and rip-offs also run rampant.

In case you’re asking yourself “I think I paid a great price for my website why isn’t it performing well?”

There are two possible answers if you hired someone online:

  1. Your designer is good, but others are simply better.
  2. Your designer doesn’t know what in the world he was doing.

And that’s it. If one of these problems are yours, then that’s great – you just took one huge step forward. The rest is up to you. Think long and carefully about your website’s future.

Are you okay with how it is? Or, are you ready for something better?