Businesses Need To Start With The Basics With Regards To SEO Marketing

There are so many ways to grow and expand your business online especially when it comes to SEO marketing. You are probably aware that there are more mobile users than desktop users now. There has been an absolute rapid increase of mobile searches which are really helping local businesses. There have been many Google algorithm changes that have come to pass as the increase in mobile searches has continued to expand. With so many algorithm changes and Google changes it is super easy to get lost in forget to do the basics. We want to share a few tips and tricks with your local Las Vegas business that you can implement in order to make sure you are getting the best possible results for your website. As you probably are aware having a website fully optimized in the search engines is the number one way to help bring in more sales on a month-to-month basis. The yellow pages and old-school forms of advertising have been replaced with Google and the Google maps listings.

Local SEO Marketing

The best way to expand your business is by ranking your website to the top of all the popular search engines, mainly Google for your targeted keywords. One of the major changes that Google is come out with recently is their local SEO change. Local SEO has been incredibly important and is only increasing as each and every city throughout the United States of America can now rank on Google maps and the organic search area. Many businesses that are trying to rank for their local business need to submit to their site to local citation directories. These business directories will allow you to submit your company name,address, phone number and a description of your website stating what products or services your business offers.

Stay Away From Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are many businesses that try to outsmart the search engines and do black hat marketing techniques that usually will only work temporarily. We highly suggest that you follow the search engine rules and never try to outsmart the search engines in any way. Your overall goal is to be liked by the search engines like Google and Yahoo so that they will then intern place your website up higher.

Strictly Follow Googles Guidelines

One such way that businesses try to outsmart and play with the rules is by including keywords in their business names in the Google maps section and also the citation directory websites. We highly recommend that you follow the Google guidelines and only include your business name without any further information included. Even if your business owns 25 locations in a particular state it’s important to just include your business name and not include the business name including the city location afterwards. If you read the Google guidelines us actually goes against their guideline policy.

Keep All Business Information Found Online Consistent

Another tip we recommend for many Las Vegas businesses is to make sure that the data and content they are submitting to all of the business citation websites is consistent and the same. Google likes to see consistent information regarding your business. So if you have one phone number and a set address make sure that all the tape citation websites are using that same information.

Place Different Business Information On Separate Landing Pages

Another tip that we recommend our clients is to make sure that you have different landing pages for your website. For example, a company who provides three different services should place each different service on three separate landing pages on their website. The homepage  alone should not be the only page potential customers are viewing. In fact, it is very natural to Google when they see different landing pages on your website with relevant back links pointing to these separate pages. Make sure that all of these landing pages are clear and easy to navigate from the homepage and that you are not trying to hide any of these pages from the search engines.

We Would Love To Provide Your Company’s SEO Marketing Services

Visit our website Las Vegas web design you will see a few of our different landing pages. One such landing page is the Las Vegas web design landing page. This page is full of relevant content regarding Las Vegas web design. We have also done many high quality niche and relevant back links including business citations for this page. If you go to the Las Vegas SEO landing page you will also see a similar layout but all the content and information is regarding the search engine optimization. If we had four or five other landing pages that we wanted to rank at the top of Google we could easily include these in the header section of our website. For our company we have two main landing pages but for many businesses they will have more than 30.

When developing a WordPress website please make sure that you find a qualified WordPress development company for your Las Vegas needs. Setting your website up correctly the first time is highly recommended by Las Vegas Web Design when we do search engine optimization we are not only doing the off page work but the on page optimization as well.

Benefits To Working With Us

Two huge benefits of working with us is are; all websites we create are fully optimized and search engine ready. By using our Las Vegas Web Design service with our Las Vegas SEO marketing your business is sure to be very successful!