Blogging & Content Credits Affect Your Business

There is so much blog news and content news online, it is easy to get mixed up on who originally wrote the article. If you wrote a particular piece of content and noticed that it was published on another website without crediting you what we recommend you do is to just contact that site owner, ask for a link either at the bottom or in the body of the article. Having a valuable link that will point to your website offers your website something of huge value for many different reasons.

When bloggers are not giving you the proper credit you can contact our company and we will look into this issue for you. Las Vegas Web Design uses many back link checker tools that will scan all the websites that link to your website and we can make sure that proper credit is being given to your business.

Posting Unique Content On Relevant Websites Gives Your Own Website Great Back Links

Las Vegas web design frequently works with content creation services that are relevant and unique to your business. We publish this unique well written content on relevant websites and all of the value comes back to you in many different ways. One of the reasons we do this is to get a valuable link also known as a back link that will point back to your website. Relevant back links from different blog posts are a fantastic form of Internet marketing.

Keep in mind that if a publisher offered you a no follow link or if your anchor text is not exactly what you would hope for keep in mind that we do not recommend contacting the site owner to try to get them to change the sayings. There are many reasons why a blog or article publisher would not want to all offer a do follow link. Anchor text is another thing that really needs to be lenient, you cannot force the publisher to offer you a specific link to a specific page on your website.

Contact Us To Make Sure Your Website Blogging & Content Is Getting Proper Credit!