5 Foolproof Ideas Every SEO Expert Should Be Using

If you are running an online business, you appreciate the need to keep adjusting to the changes in the industry. A few years back, all one needed was a website to harness the power of internet but today, this is not a novelty anymore. There are many new developments which you can integrate into your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the pack.

Harnessing the Power of Search

One of the most effective components of internet marketing today is search engine optimization (SEO).  If your business website is not optimized for search engines, you are losing out big time. A recent report shows that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. If your website is not ranking high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a target keyword, it means you are not reaching your target audience.

75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of SERPs which again highlights the importance of search in your marketing campaign. Now that search is the top driver of traffic to content websites, it follows that you should optimize your website to guarantee it ranks highly on SERPs. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

Well, hiring an SEO expert is the first step in actualizing your online business success. These experts bring invaluable expertise and fresh thinking to your business. This new thinking helps you unlock your company’s potential. The SEO industry, being a volatile industry, requires you to keep adapting and this is one of the major advantages hiring an external SEO specialist offers. Some of the techniques that these experts must be using today include:

  1. Long-tail keywords/phrases – Keyword research must be part of any successful SEO campaign. It is what makes or breaks your campaign because keywords are what helps users find you. The wrong choice of keywords effectively drives away traffic. Today, your focus should be on long-tail keywords because they are ranking higher.
  2. Focus on users’ intent in your content – It is no longer enough to pick keywords and write content that a user might need. Today, your focus must be on understanding your target users’ intent. Google is no longer serving content just because it matches the keywords and as such, think about a user’s intent when publishing your content.
  3. Relevance in link building – There is no denying that link building remains one of the most controversial topics in SEO. Today, Google is making things even harder for SEOs who use spammy links and irrelevant links. With the Google Penguin update, you have to check where your links are coming from and this should be an ongoing process.
  4. Responsive web design (RWD) –If you are not yet focusing on mobile, it is time to take note. Google and other search engines have seen the importance of mobile in the growth of internet traffic. With more people accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktops, mobile-friendly design has never been more important. Responsive web design gives users a better experience and also boosts your pages’ ranking on SERPs.
  5. Optimize site speed – A slow website will simply kill off your business. A recent survey shows that around 40% of website users turn away if a page they are trying to access takes more than 2 seconds to load. Your SEO campaign must start with a technical audit to identify slow speeds. Among techniques to deal with this problem include responsive web design, AMP, and optimizing images among others. Your SEO specialist will recommend the best approach to guarantee your website is loading fast.

There are many other techniques that every SEO professional should recommend to their clients. These include integrating voice search, local search, Google rich snippets, leveraging images and visuals, long, high-quality and interactive content, quality backlinks, quality content, app indexing and mobile first design, ranking for featured snippets, guest blogging, competitor research and moving to an all-https website among others.

Investing in SEO is crucial in boosting your online performance. This helps increase your site’s ranking on SERPs, increase conversion, attract more quality traffic, leverage the latest SEO technologies, build brand awareness and much more. This is the best way to gain an edge over the competition.